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Hey, glad you’re listening. I’m in my car driving around on this beautiful day. I just took my dog to a training session. The family gets trained after the dog completes the course, which should be fun.

Some of you may be discouraged because you think you’re getting started in real estate investment too late. You think too many people are already doing it; there’s too much competition.

But that’s not true. Just because people talk about real estate investing doesn’t mean they’re productive. They could just be blowing smoke.

Or maybe you’re worried because the real estate market is expected to change. A dip is expected, but it doesn’t matter one bit… not at all.

When the market goes down, it brings more money into the market because people who’ve been holding their money waiting for prices to move downward jump back in. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

The primary thing is to find these new buyers and find out what kind of properties they’re interested in. I talked to a fellow over the weekend who recently got into real estate and is making real headway.

This fellow is working with an investor he knows who had more leads and buyers than he could handle. He’s now cold calling these leads for sellers and talking to buyers about their preferences.

He’s made 5 deals in 2 months. This is a guy who a year ago was telling me he thought the field was crowded and that he didn’t have contacts because he’d just relocated, etc. etc.

People can always find reasons not to start something but look at him now. You should try the same. Go to REIAs and Meetups to meet investors. Ask them if they have any old or dead leads you can contact.

You might be surprised, but it’s not unheard of for an investor to take you up on such an offer. You can start working on these leads right away. Make the calls yourself… no complicated systems needed. Just get started.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Find out what areas are selling best and what types of homes are being bought by investors.
  • When real estate prices go down, buyers who’ve been inactive start looking for deals again.
  • Get out of your own way and think positive thoughts of deals you will soon be making.
  • REI Secrets–Daily Nuggets of Real Estate Investing Wisdom, which is Joe’s new book, is coming soon.

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What's up everybody. Joe McCall, REI In Your Car.

How are you guys? This is a Monday as I'm recording this. I'm excited, I'm just driving around in my car. I took my dog to the training like there's a place where they train dogs and stuff like that. So, I took her over there and it's, they're doing actually a really, really good job. So, they trained the dog and then they train us on how to train the dog. But anyway, I'm just driving around my neighborhood and it's just a beautiful day. I love Mondays, kind of getting back into the swing of things and something happened over the weekend really cool I want to share with you guys about. And it really comes down to this.

There's so much opportunity out there right now guys, like, so much opportunity to make money in real estate. You know, you think like, it's kind of weird because the more you study it, the more you're into it, the more podcasts and videos you watch and listen to, like, you kind of think like, everybody is doing real estate. You kind of think like, man, I'm too late to the party. There's too much competition. It's too hard. You know, you get this feeling or you think, excuse me, you think that like, because everybody's talking about it, like, everybody's doing it.

Well, first of all, not everybody's talking about it. Okay. The number of real estate investors out there that are actually doing deals compared to the general population is still super, super small. Right? And then the percentage of the number of people that are talking about real estate and actually even doing anything about it is even smaller still. Like, lots of people out there talking a good talk, but they're not actually doing deals.

So, there was this one guy who was at our party, we had a big party at our house… We do these parties in the summers with a bunch of friends and people in the area, people from church and stuff like that. And so, they're a lot of fun. We do these parties, they're crazy. But anyway, they're not that kind of crazy. I say they're a lot of fun, but we don't drink, we don't, like, party real loud with music late at night. It's very, very family friendly.

So, we had about 125-130 people over and our front yard is pretty big so we can park a bunch of cars and it's just a lot of fun. So, but there was this one guy who was at our house and I was talking to him and he and I sat down about a year ago and he was struggling financially, you know, just kind of discouraged. He had made a major career change, he had made some… he moved to a new city, now was looking for a job and was really, really struggling financially to pay the bills, trying to find some direction in his life and was interested in real estate and I was talking to him about what I think he should do.

I was telling him what I thought he should do and how he could actually start making some money in real estate. And this was a year ago and was all centered around cold calling. Cause I knew this guy would be good on the phone just after talking to him and his confidence level and, you know, where he was from in the South, either Mississippi or Alabama… there's a lot of deals out there and he knows people in the real estate business. But, you know, for whatever reason maybe it just wasn't the right timing, right?

So, like I never heard from him again much after that. I'd see him at church once in a while and say hi to him, but like nothing. And so, then he came over to my house, him and his family, I started talking to him and it was so cool. He said, Hey Joe, I've done like five deals in the last couple months. I was like, what, you serious? Five deals?! And he has. And guess what he's doing? Exactly what I told him to do a year later, but he's doing cold calling.

And so apparently, you know, he found… Sometimes I guess people just need to hear it two or three times, right? They just need to hear from two or three different people, I don't know. But he has a friend who was down in the Mississippi area and he's doing some deals and he's just busy. He's got too many… He's got more leads than he can handle and he's got a bunch of buyers that are looking for deals and he's, you know, he needs some help finding deals for these incredible buyers that he has. Right?

So, we were just talking and he says to me, "Well, he just gave me a list” He got a list of absentee owners and you know, owner occupants with equity or whatever. And he said, "Here, just go through this list and start calling them” And he did. And he started getting them under contract and started selling these deals.

And I won't tell you specifically the numbers because maybe somebody who was at the party's listening to this or he might be listening to this and he didn't give me permission to share the numbers. But they're significant. They're like really, really awesome numbers and you know, he's at a point now where he's like, I might be able to quit my job and I might be able to do this full time.

And I'm telling him, yes, you certainly can. So, I'm just so excited because there is so much opportunity out there that, you know, you're not too late to get into the game. You're not too late to start marketing now.

You're not too late to start making offers and getting into the real estate game. Doesn't matter what strategy you're doing, if it's wholesaling or lease options or rehabbing or buy and hold or the BRRR Method, b-r-r-r-r method… doesn't matter. Like, it's not too late. You can get in and you can make money in this business. It doesn't matter, by the way, what direction the market is heading, if it's going South or sideways or if it's hot or cold. Does it matter at all? No, it does not. It doesn't matter at all. Why is that?

Well because I mean, like, what you would focus on maybe, what type of marketing you're doing changes a little bit, but it doesn't matter because there will always be money in the market. Like there may be… It's funny too cause when the market goes South and starts going down, after a little bit, more money starts coming into the market from all of these investors that have been sitting on the sidelines. Now they start seeing prices fall. Now they come back in and start buying up properties.

So, there's a lot of people buying houses now. There's a lot of people that will be buying houses later. So, one of the key things to start thinking about is as you start getting back into the market is you need to find what the buyers are looking for. Who are the buyers? First of all, you need to find out who are the buyers.

Number two, what are they looking for? Simple. It's as simple as that. So, when the market's going South or sideways or slowing down, you got to find out who are the new buyers that are actually buying houses right now. And what are they looking for? So that's one of the reasons why this gentleman is doing so well right now is because he was working with somebody who already had good buyers. They knew what they were looking for, where they're wanting to buy them, and what price range you needed to be in. All this guy needed to do was just get on the phone and call and talk to people and he didn't, you know, he didn't make it complicated. He didn't go out and try to find a bunch of virtual assistants to make the phone calls for him.

Wow. It's such a beautiful day right now, just driving around in this area. If any of you are in the Saint Louis area, just go driving down and around Wild Horse Creek Road, through the hills. It's just beautiful.

So, you know, like, what do the buyers want? And then go find it to them. And he's just asking questions. So, he's not like, you know, building this fancy, complicated CRM. You know, he's not going and doing ringless voicemail. He's not getting virtual assistants to do the initial pre-screening. He's not, you know, hold on a second here. Hold on. Yeah. Okay. Windy, narrow one lane road and a guy with a big truck's coming by.

So, he just got out there and picked up the phone. I don't think he was even using CallRail or Vumber. He wasn't worried about virtual phone numbers. He was just using his stinking cell phone, right? And starts calling… And then he's got, I think he was saying he just uses a, you know… No, he was using a CRM because he was complaining about it cause it's real confusing. So, he's just kind of like doing it on paper, pen and paper… come on, man!

I love it! I was just so excited! I mean that just made my entire week and it really got me excited to think about, man, I am optimistic about this market. I'm optimistic about what's going on. Like, sometimes I get discouraged, I do all this teaching and podcasting and courses and coaching and stuff like that. And like, honestly, very few people actually even do what they're supposed to do. And then every once in a while, you find this one guy, he's like, "Yep, it works… I'm doing it. I'm making good money. I love it. Thanks Joe ” I was on a podcast interview the other day as well and this one guy, his name is Greg, I forget the name of his show. Cool guy. Anyway, he starts telling me, "Joe, you said something like four years ago that made a huge impact on my life" and maybe I'll do another podcast about this. But he said, ” Joe, you said that if you learn how to do marketing, if you learn how to get leads, you will never have to worry about money again” And he said that had a huge, huge impact on his life and on his business. And ever since then he's really been doing really, really well.

So anyway, I just wanted to leave you with that, guys. Like, be encouraged. There is so much opportunity out there. There's tons and tons of opportunity. Don't get discouraged. Don't think like, Oh, there's too much competition. I can't get started now. I'm too late. Get that out of your head. That's called stinking thinking. Get that out of your head. There's a ton of opportunity.

Go find, number one, go find where the demand is… Like, where are people buying houses right now? If it's retail buyers, if it's that's what you want to go after, where are they buying? What are they buying? What price range? Is it three-bedroom ranches? Is it six-bedroom McMansions? Is its vacant land? Is it… you know what? Well, go find out, right?

And then number two, find out who they are. Who are these investors that are buying properties? What are they paying for them? Are they looking for more? I'm going to be doing some webinars this week. I'm talking about this and actually showing people how to find the demand and how to actually reach these buyers. This is just the shortcut to success in this business, right?

Hope that encourages you guys. Get out there and do it and make it happen… it's not too late. And I'm just excited because I get a chance. I get to make a difference in somebody's life that's listening to this right now. You may be listening to this two year from now in 2021 and you may think, “Ah man, I missed the boat. Look at what happened the last two years. Look how much money was made in the business” and even then, it's not too late. Alright? Get out there and make it happen.

Hey, one more thing too. By the time you listen to this, hopefully, my book will be available. It's called REI Secrets. They're like daily nuggets for real estate investing wisdom that's going to show you how to get more leads, make more money, do more deals. Go get my book REISecrets.com and right now, as I'm recording this, there's a "coming soon" early notification waiting list or whatever thing on that website, but I'm just, I'm so excited. I picked it up the other day. It's called REI Secrets and every chapter is a couple of pages long. Just kind of little nuggets and inspiration and real estate wisdom. Go get it. reisecrets.com. The book is free, just pay a little bit of shipping… And it's thick too. It's like almost an inch thick. I'm super excited. Go check it out, REISecrets.com. See ya. Bye bye.

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