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I’m recording from my front yard on July 5 and I'm just putting down some thoughts I’ve been contemplating while enjoying Independence Day. Let me tell you about my day: all 6 family members were together all day.

We all had breakfast together, which is not an everyday occurrence lately. Then we watched a silly movie, then we went to a pool and next had some really great barbecue from Sugar Fire.

After eating all we could at the best barbecue spot in St. Louis, we watched the fireworks display at a local mall. An all-American 4th if ever there was one.

I’m on Instagram now watching Jack Bosch; Jack and his wife are both first-generation immigrants. I guess they had work visas when they came here because both had professional jobs when they met.

Jack told a strong story on Instagram on the 4th. He says the United States is the best place in the world for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Other countries don’t make it as easy to create a business.

Several of the execs of Silicon Valley, for instance, are immigrants. Sergey Brin, co-creator of Google, was born in Moscow. Think how much Google shapes our day-to-day lives.

In the US, you can thrive with entrepreneurship. It’s one of the freedoms we have, one of the freedoms we celebrate on the 4th, when you get right down to it.

Be grateful for that and the other freedoms we have. And even though we complain about them all the time, keep in mind that the tax rate here is one of the lowest in the world.

Spread your gratitude and good fortune. Do good things. Maybe you could take a less fortunate person into your business and teach them real estate investing. That would be a life-changer for both of you.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Be thankful for the freedoms you have in the US, including the freedom to be an entrepreneur.
  • You can learn about land investing from Jack Bosch.
  • Be producers, not just consumers… give less fortunate people your attention to see what they need. 
  • God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat… those labels just don’t matter all the time.

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Hey, good morning everybody. How are you doing? This is Joe Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

I'm actually recording this from my front yard. It's July 5th, the morning after Independence Day and I just had some thoughts I wanted to share with you guys. Yesterday was the 4th we had a blast it was really fun. I didn't do any work, which was funny because I was watching this guy on Instagram and his story and he was like, I'm on my way to work, man. We're are the rest of you guys. Weren't you hustling and working hard? I was like, dude, come on. Now I don't think he has kids. Maybe he does. I don't know, but like, it's okay, everybody, let me just give you permission. It's okay to take a day off for goodness sake and not work and not quote unquote hustle. And you're not hustling, you shouldn't be proud of going into work on a holiday like Independence Day and hustle. I mean, why are you proud of that?

But anyway, regardless. I had a great day yesterday. Went to the pool. No. Well first we had breakfast all together as a family. I have a wife and four kids and two dogs and it just seems like this whole ever since May, it's been hustle like grinding hard, even like work around the house type of hard. And it was just really nice to kind of sit together as a family and be together all day. We had breakfast and then we watched a movie, I think we watched Mall Cop. Yeah, it was, it was a good movie kind of. But anyway, you watched Mall Cop and then we went to the pool. We went to like one of the community aquatic centers where they have the big slides in the lazy river and all of that stuff. And all together as a family, which was nice.

Normally I just take the kids or something like that, but we got to go with Victoria, my wife. And then we, after that came home, went to the best barbecue in St Louis, called Sugar Fire. It's amazing. If you're ever in St Louis, you got to go to Sugar Fire. Then we went to watch fireworks at one of the big malls out here. So it was really fun just kind of hanging out altogether. And, why I'm recording this podcast though is because this morning I'm sitting down here letting my dog outside go do her business and just kind of going through some Instagram stories and my good friend Jack Bosh, who has created a course that I found very influential for myself, it's called The Land Profit Generator. He created a, it's probably the best, what is the best land investing course out there?

We've done, I don't know, 25 30 land flips and so, you know, I enjoy flipping land. If you're at all interested in that, I'd recommend you check out Jack's course. I've also been to his bootcamp. It was really good. I took my two boys with me to his Lane's Investing boot camp. Anyway, so he's doing a podcast and if you don't know Jack, he comes here, he came here from Germany, I think, you know, after he was done with college or done with high school, somewhere around there, I think he came here on a work visa. So he was in his twenties, let's just say. And he had, he knew English, but it was broken English, you know, and came here from Germany, met his wife, Michelle, who was from Honduras and I think she was also here on a work visa or something like that.

So, I'm sorry if I get that wrong, but they met while they were in their 20's, both professionals working really good jobs and I forget Jack's story, but it's pretty cool. Like he didn't like working in corporate and eventually him and his wife, they quit their jobs and started doing land investing and became very, very successful in it. And so, okay context. I always love hearing other people's perspectives who come here as legal immigrants, right? Like people who came here legally. Now I'm not going to get political here. But you know, people that immigrated here, the right proper ways that have really very good, interesting perspectives on immigration and our freedoms and things like that that we have here in the US. And so, but anyway, he was saying how we talk about freedom, you know, in America is free.

And I thought about that a lot because I've traveled, I've been to a lot of other countries and I thought, you know what? Well, when I was in the Czech Republic and I've been to Germany, I've been to France, England, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, and in all those countries, like they have freedom of religion, you know, they have freedom to assemble, they have freedom to free speech. They have they can go to any church they want, right? They can do protests on the streets, they can write opinion articles in the newspapers and publish things that oppose the government. So like I've often sometimes thought like, well, why are we think that we're the best, most free country in the world when these other countries have the same freedoms. But Jack and today's or yesterday's Instagram stories, I really opened my mind to something I had never even thought of before and I thought it was so cool and it's taken me forever to get to this point. So I apologize.

You know, back then it'd be, you know, 200 years ago, this was a big deal in America it was the only country that really kind of pioneered the concept of freedom of religion and freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, all of that awesome stuff, right? Like maybe it was a bigger deal back then, but what is the big deal today? What are we actually free? Well, here's the thing, and Jack from his perspective, and he still travels all around the world quite a bit in America when it comes to small business and entrepreneurship and the freedom that anybody has to be successful financially with small business and entrepreneurship and production and all of that good stuff is unparalleled in the entire world today. There is no better country in the world to start and run a business and to be financially successful than the United States today.

I'm sure you can start a business in Mexico or in Canada but there is no other country in the world that has the, that has the freedoms and the blessings from the government to start and run a business than the United States, right. And none of us are perfect and none of us are perfect. But in the United States, right, we're not perfect, but we've got, Jack just responded. He just sent me a text, just a second. I'll read it to you guys in a second. Because I texted him thanking him for sharing that. But yeah, isn't that cool? If you think about it, like in other countries and this is still true today. Like you can't start a business and be wealthy and successful unless you belong to some certain cast or you have the right family name or you have the right accent or you come from the right area.

If you have the right connections, if you know the right people. But in the United States, like literally anybody from somebody who's homeless, somebody who comes here as an immigrant, even as an illegal immigrant, right? Like you can start businesses and you can actually be successful and make a ton of money. Like there's story after story. I wish I would have thought of some examples, but like people in, there's a lot of people in Silicon Valley that have started huge companies. Like I might want to say Google and Yahoo and those guys like there, I don't think there are the immigrants, I don't know, I'm sorry, I should know this, right? But like a lot of these people that started tech companies that are huge today were started by immigrants, right? Then even if you're not an immigrant, right? Like who else can go and start a real estate investing business?

What other country can you go? And you can start a real estate, invest in business and start flipping properties. It's like, oh, I know what I was going to say. Those guys in Arizona and Phoenix and there's another guy in Miami. They're all over Instagram, you know, they show their flashy watches and their cars and stuff like that. Carlos and Fergus in Florida and you know those guys, right? You know what I'm talking about? I'm not into the flashy stuff, but I still appreciate what they've done and like the hard work and the hustle that they've done to get their businesses as big as they are, right? So God bless them for working hard. But like those guys, they've got amazing stories. You know, their parents came here as immigrants or they came here as a little kids and like we're really, really poor.

But what other country in the world can you come here from that and start these multimillion dollar a year businesses? And it's just amazing. It blows me away. Like anybody in the United States, no matter where you live, from the inner city or even if you are successful and wealthy, you can go out and you can start from nothing and out. Sorry, got bit by a bug. You can go out and start from nothing, grow a business. And become successful and wealthy and the government doesn't penalize. Well, I mean obviously there's some people in government that want to penalize you if you're successful and you're rich, right? But compared to the other countries in the world, you know, there are some countries in the world that don't even have words in their language for entrepreneurship. Like that's just a foreign concept for them.

And it is slowly growing in popularity. But like I've even heard in France, I don't know if this is true, like there is no word in French for entrepreneurship. It's very hard for somebody to start their business and grow it and be successful. It's just the government may not have laws that prohibit it, but they don't have laws that help it and encourage it. Does that make sense? But we as one of our greatest freedoms I just want to challenge you guys with this. One of our greatest freedoms in the United States is the freedom to start businesses and to grow businesses and to be producers, not just consumers. We have incentives from the government through taxes and things like that. And just not just taxes, but the how easy we actually have it. Like some countries it's really hard to get a business license or to create an LLC to create corporations or whatnot, right?

It's like, it's hard. It's a hassle. There's a huge ton of red tape and it's very difficult to do. But in the United States it's actually very, very easy. And so just be grateful for that, right? I think we need to be more appreciative and grateful of that for the freedoms that we have. Of course, be grateful and thankful for the freedoms of speech and expression and you know, the freedom to assemble and for religion and all that other stuff, right. Let's be grateful for those kinds of freedoms, but let's not forget the freedom for business, the freedom for entrepreneurship, the freedom to make wealth and to keep it, most of it, right? A lot of other countries, they have wealthy people but they, you know, their overall, I forget the word for it, their overall taxes, effective tax rate is that what it is?

Is way higher than it is in the United States, right? So let's not complain. Let's be grateful for where we are, right? And so you guys have no excuse you guys, if you're listening to this and you're struggling to get started and start a business or start doing deals, like you have no excuse. If you look at the people that are here that started from nothing and grew their businesses to be successful, like those guys in Arizona or like Fargas out in Florida. Or there's just countless others. I just got a testimonial email yesterday from one of our students, Gary. You know, I don't know his background. He's a white dude, okay. So maybe he didn't have as hard as, you know, some people who are minorities, you know, come from the hood and places like that. But like this guy, I know Gary well enough.

He didn't have a silver spoon in his hand growing up. You know, he grew up like nine tenths of us just, you know, middle class neighborhood. And I don't know if he went to college or not, but anyway, he sent me an email yesterday was talking to a seller. He was at our mastermind and talking about these ever since the mastermind is because he's, we do these masterminds for our coaching students. He's just doubled down on his efforts of talking to sellers and making offers. And even after the seller says no, he starts asking them, hey, do you have any other houses that you might want to sell? Well, anyway, so he just found this one seller who didn't want to sell their house, but he asked them, do you know anybody? Then he started driving the neighborhood and he talked to a realtor who asked them if they knew anybody and ask the seller, do you know anybody?

And he found this one dude that wants to sell like three or four houses, just super motivated, wants to get rid of them. He agreed to sell them on owner financing on fantastic terms, lots of equity, and he's going to make over $220,000 on these two house or three houses or something like that. $220,000 grand on these three houses, and they're going to cashflow, I think he said like $2,600 bucks a month or something like that. Just awesome, right? Like what other country can you do that in? Especially real estate, you can't, okay. I'm sure there is a way, right? But like, yeah. Anyway, hope you guys are doing well. Hope you had a good 4th of July. I hope you all appreciate this country that we live in and yet it's not perfect, right? I'm not going to make excuses for the errors and the mistakes that we've made in our past, but at the same time, guys, let's be thankful and grateful for where we are.

Whether you vote left, right? You know, God's not a Republican, okay. God is not a democrat. He's way higher above that. Let's take these blessings that we have and let's be generous. Let's be grateful. Let's think about the poor and those that are less fortunate than us, and let's not just give them handouts, let's train them in how to start businesses. Let's take this stuff that we know that we're good with and let's start helping people that are less fortunate than us. You know, like our kids. Let's start training them to be producers, not just consumers. Let's start training them with skills that it takes to start a business. You know, if you guys are, any of you all are in like the big brothers big sisters program or if any of you kind of help out a little bit with even in the poor areas and even in the wealthy areas.

If you all go to church, there's kids and families that go to your church that are probably very poor that you can take and help and train them, teach them how to flip houses teach them how to start a business and how to make money and, you know, you know what I'm saying? All right, good. Don't just send them to college. Don't just give them scholarships to college, like teach them how to start a business. Teach them how to do marketing, teach them sales. All that good stuff. All right guys, I'm out of here. Happy 4th of July. Happy Independence Day. I appreciate y'all. Bye. Bye.

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