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Gavin Timms, my training partner, is with me again today. We just finished the 1st day of an Implementation Workshop, which means we’ve been busy and using our brains all day.

We’re going to talk about creating business systems without getting bogged down. Some students don’t know the first thing about computers, yet are still closing deals. They use their time to call sellers.

You can hire someone to manage your CRM, keep your scorecard and handle all other computer-based aspects of the business. It could be a VA. You can find the right person.

Do you think Richard Branson knows how to look up info on the systems his various companies use? No, of course not. He hires the right IT executives who hire the right IT staff, and VOILA.

And understand this. You can train your assistant to handle technology without knowing it yourself. Simply share one of my courses (or another investor’s) with the VA and have that be their training.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Don’t ask how about technology you don’t understand… ask who can do it for you.
  • Even if you’re a technology expert, don’t let that get in the way of the important thing–making offers.
  • VAs can handle marketing, CRM management and automated follow-up, including sending offers.
  • Register for an upcoming Implementation Workshop, and let us help you set up your business.

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Joe: Hey, what's up everybody? Joe McCall and I'm with.

Gavin: Gavin Timms.

Joe: Hey, I almost said something like where this something brothers, but I couldn't think of anything. It sounded like that. We just finished one of our other coaching client implementation workshop. I love these events I'm exhausted though. Gavin, are you? It's so much fun. It's like we're getting, it's not like we're doing any physical activities, but we're just like on point for eight or nine hours straight and it's fun it's awesome. We wanted to talk about something we were just talking about and I said, hey, Gavin, let's record a podcast out of this. And it has to do with creating systems, but at the same time not worrying about getting debt bogged down in details of the systems. Like some people we work with, it's not a matter of age, it's just a matter of experience level.

Joe: Like they're not very good with technology and computers. And again, it doesn't matter if they're 60 or 70 or 20 or 30 if you don't have any experience and have not done computers before, if you've had a job that just more manual labor, if you swung a hammer your whole life, if you never had to write papers or do research for college or high school, you're not going to know how to use computers. So there's some people that we work with that are very a weak with computers.

Joe: And I was thinking about this because I belong to several masterminds. One of the ones that I used to go to a lot was called Collective Genius. And there is a lot of guys in there, very successful, done a lot of deals. And guess what? They don't even know how to use a spreadsheet. They don't even know what CRM they use or maybe they know, but it's like, I have no idea how to get in there. And some of our clients that we've worked with in the past, a lot of the, like Steve and Cocoa in Ohio, right? You were just telling me a minute ago, Gavin, they have how many, we're having a mastermind in a couple of days, Wednesday and they can't come because they've got what going on?

Gavin: Yeah, he's got two closings this week that he needs to attend because the person who should have been going is away on vacation. He's got four more under contract. Any he won't probably mind me saying this, but he called turn on the computer.

Joe: Yeah he cannot. He can maybe go to ESPN to see how the Cincinnati Reds are losing and then, and then see how the Cubs are losing and see how the Cardinals are winning. I'm just kidding. We're baseball jokes with, but yeah, he's very technically challenged. But let me see which way I need to take care of. Hold on one sec, okay. Super smart guy. He understands what really matters. He understands his highest revenue generating activities is not sitting behind a computer punching in a bunch of keys and knowing how to use REI Simple or Podio or whatever.

Joe: Like he knows his highest and best use of his time is talking to sellers. And making offers and he's really good at it. Super personal, fun guy. You know, like he can build rapport instantly with sellers, gets them on the phone, that's what he's good at. And he's got his wife who helps him a little bit, but even then, she's not super strong with REI Simple. She's learning and I don't know how she puts up with Steve, but you know, anyway, here's my point that we want to make here is that you don't need to know all the technical stuff.

Joe: Like stop asking how and start asking who. At the same time though, don't let the overwhelm overwhelm you. Like it's easy to look at this stuff and just be completely overwhelmed and think, oh my gosh, Joe, you're flying through that so fast. I have no idea what you're doing. And like goes, and then, even if I go slower, it's still overwhelming. Because they're like, I have, what are you doing? This doesn't make any sense on how do I do that? That's okay. Listen, we want you to know, you don't need to know how to do all of that stuff. You just need to find someone to do it for you. Stop asking who stop or start asking. I'm sorry, did I say that right? Stop asking how, stop asking, how, start asking who, which is one of the things that we do for our clients. So Gavin, just talk real quick about like, when a client comes to work with us, what do we do? What do we do for them to set them up and stuff like that?

Gavin: Yeah, I think, well, the first thing that we do is we build a marketing plan. Everyone as an individual that we look at. The first thing is we look at goals. What are they trying to achieve? What type of deals do they want to do? Are they're going to do it virtual? Once we have that, the main, the goals, then we can start doing a marketing plan and start a plan that's going to get us towards that. Now, some people want to, you know, spend more time at home or with family. Now they understand that that's the goal so we don't create a job. But at the start there's going to be definitely more work needed on the front side until we can implement things and start to make money. So once we got that down, we come in with a marketing plan that could be different things from Craigslist, Zillow for lease options.

Gavin: It might be off offline marketing, like absentee, skip tracing, cold calling, texting, whatever it is. We come up with a plan and then we'll start to build that out. And, once we've done that and why we do that is because if we can build that out much faster than them learning it, we want our clients to spend the time on the phone talking to sells, making offers, and following up. Because without that, like it or not you're not going to make any money in the business, any successful business in real estate that's what's being done. It might not be done by the individual depending on how successful or how they built the company. But everyone is doing it and that's how the money's made. So to give our clients the best chance possible. That's why we set them up so they can spend the time doing them three things.

Gavin: The key three things, talking to sellers, making offers and following up. And that is what it's going to make you money. And then guys, the best bit is when she'll make him money, you reinvest, okay, at least take 25% of it back into the business and then you can start to scale it. We don't want you to, you make $10,000 do we want you to spend $10,000 the next month on marketing? No, because if you don't have the system in place and the people to be able to scale, you're going to waste a lot. So we make sure that we help the clients, once they are doing deals to then start scale the business and starts taking from one to two to 5 to 10 while I was still making big profits.

Joe: Yeah. So listen that's why we kind of do this is because we want, we want our students to have the quickest success possible. So let's eliminate the biggest hurdle for a lot of people, which is setting up the systems and starting the marketing, let's just give them some leads and you know, here's the thing. Even if you are strong with technology, sometimes that can be just as much of a detriment than being weakened technology because now you're in there tweaking everything and messing it up and making it better and trying to make it, you're spending hours and hours to build some kind of automation or system that might save you a few seconds, just doesn't make sense.

Joe: So sometimes being strong in technology will distract you from what's really important, which is making offers. Like that's all that matters just talk to sellers. So you know, we've said it before, you show me somebody who's really good at CRM or Podio or Freedom Soft or whatever your thing is, and I'll show you a broke wholesaler.

Joe: It's like, that's not where the money's made. That's $5 an hour activity. Do you think Richard Branson who owns, what does he own? Like 30 companies, right? 300 companies. I don't, you know, one's a bunch. Do you think he knows how to log into the CRM and look up leads? Do you think he knows how to log into QuickBooks even? And look at the numbers? No, he doesn't. He's got, he hires the best people and he gets them to do that stuff. He's focused on what's the most important thing for him, which is, you know, building his company and hiring great people. So we want to challenge you when you, when you want to come to work with us, bring an assistant, bring a one of your kids. A lot of people that come to our workshops, will bring one of their kids. Might bring a spouse who's better at computers or technology, whatnot, right?

Joe: Even if you don't have anybody that you could bring with you on a workshop like this, as soon as you can hire a virtual assistant, hire a good VA. Because again, sometimes the best automation you can get is a good virtual assistant. So get a VA as soon as you can. You can get a really good full time dedicated VA for $500 bucks a month, maybe $750 a month, a $1,000 a month. It's worth its weight in gold. If you think, oh man, that's a lot of money I couldn't afford that. I want to challenge that. I think you can't afford not to have one because that VA can do the marketing for you. They can update the CRM for you. They can even create the standard operating procedures for you. Some people are like intimidated I can't get a VA until I know how to do everything myself, so I can teach them and train them on what to do and how to do it.

Joe: That's not true. That's not true at all. You can give them our training. You can say, all right, watch Joe's video or watch these tutorial videos here at this website. I want you to learn how to use this system. I'm going to shoot you a Voxer or some kind of voice message every day. Every time I talk to a seller, I'm going to send you the notes. I'm going to send you a picture of my lead page, you know, the lead sheet or whatever and I'm going to Voxer you the notes and I want you to take those notes and update the CRM. So when you hire a VA, not if, but when you hire a virtual assistant, they need to be focused just on three things. Number one on your marketing, they need to focus on your marketing. Make sure it's going out, maybe they're tracking the numbers, the KPI's, the scorecards, whatnot.

Joe: Number two, they need to be the one updating your CRM. They need to be the one that's doing all the technology stuff that intimidates you or overwhelms you. Or it's like, I know how to do it I could if I needed to if I wanted to, but like I got more important things to focus on. Get them to do that stuff, okay. And number three, they need to do all your follow up, which includes sending the offers, sending the emails for follow up, the text messages, a Sly Broadcasts, the letters that's the old, those are the only three things that they need to do. And you don't have to worry about understanding how to do all of that. If you have my course, if you have Jack Bosch's course on land or whatever, send them access to the course, have them watch it and go through it and have them learn how to do it. Does that help anybody? I think it does.

Joe: That's good advice isn't it? I think we're, I think we're dropping some gold here. What do you think Gavin?

Gavin: Yeah, yeah. No, that's great. That's good stuff. And the other thing is as well, that we're super big on right now is the scorecard. As coaches mentors whatever you want to be called.

Joe: We need more content for another episode.

Gavin: Okay.

Joe: Let's break this up because like, I don't want to talk for too long here. We need more we need another episode. So we're going to talk about scorecards next because that is so important. We're doing, we're emphasizing that more now with our clients because that's so critical. I think I would bet you Richard Branson, every one of his businesses has scorecards to measure their performance and to know whether they're doing it. And you know what? I bet you he makes his executives come up with their own score cards and then he just reviews it. So we're going to Richard Branson, your business, okay.

Joe: And I'm using Richard Branson because Gavin is from his part of the world and Gavin can relate to Richard Branson. So who do you want to talk about? Maybe what's his name? Bezos or Elon Musk. So anyway, real quick before we go, if you're interested, you want to work with us, you want to come out to our next client workshop. You want to, you want us to set up your systems and schedule your marketing and help you find the VA’s and all that good stuff.

Joe: Go to this website, CoachJoe.net. I want to get a new domain soon. So if any of you guys can think of a good domain that we should buy, let us know. Send me a message or something. But Coach Joe is what we've got for now. CoachJoe.net CoachJoe.net. If you go there, tells you a little bit about our program and fill out the application on there. Tell us a little bit about yourself. We'll get on the phone if we feel like we're a good fit. We'll talk about the numbers, okay. It's not cheap, but it's not expensive either. And you get your investment back on the first two deals that you partner with us on if you want to. Again CoachJoe.net. We'll come back with the next podcast episode soon. Take care of guys. We'll see you. Bye Bye.

Gavin: Bye. Bye. Thanks guys.

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