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I’m in Cincinnati, driving to an REIA where I’ll be speaking. I’ll be talking about lease options, focusing on the various options available with creative financing.

I get a little political today on this podcast… I’m going to speak my mind. Even though I vote conservative, I must say this: I’m so tired of the whining of the Right. They complain that the other side has it better.

I often hear people say, “It’s not fair.” I hear that and I think it’s a lame, immature thing to say. My kids say it every day, which says to me it really is not an adult thing to say.

Stop blaming and whining. Don’t worry about circumstances outside of your control. Life isn’t fair. Business isn’t fair. That’s the way it is. And, at a gut level, you know that.

Care for each other. Be kind. Wag more, bark less… still one of my favorite sayings.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Don’t let other people’s agendas become your own.
  • Don’t whine. Don’t complain. Just don’t.
  • Don’t expect life or business to be fair.
  • Get involved with local politics because that’s where regulations are made that affect real estate.

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Hey, what's going on everybody? Joe McCall, REI In Your Car.

On this episode, I'm going to be talking about business is not fair, okay. All right now I am in, actually right now I'm in Cincinnati, just arrived here and I'm driving to the event that I'm speaking at. I mean it's actually at the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati. I rented a truck, it's a four-door F150 pretty cool truck. I used to have one of these, I bet it'd be cool to drive one. So anyway, I wanted to talk about something, you know, I guess I want to ask you first like, can I have permission to speak my mind a little bit? I'm going to get a little political, but I'm going to be, I'm going to try to not take sides, okay. You Ready? We'll see how this goes.

All right so one of the things that have bothered me, I, you know, I typically vote conservative, right? I typically vote for conservative candidates and you know, I don't care if they're Democrat or Republican if they, if values and faith are important to them and there are other certain issues I'm not going to bring up, then I'm going to vote for them, okay. So, but one of the things that really, really bothers me about the right is how they're always whining and complaining.

Now I know, I know the left does as well, but I think the right is really good at it. You just watch some of these talk shows and news channels and especially on the radio, they are just the whining all the time. And here is a common argument and it's so tempting to fall into this argument and agree with it. But let me warn you about it's deceptive dangers, okay. Here's the argument. It's not fair, right? If they were to do this, the media would crucify them, okay?

As an example here, there was a student recently that was at a high school, was wearing a Make America Great Again shirt and the school made her change shirts, right, the school wouldn't let her wear the shirt and there's somebody brought up the point, well, if she would have been wearing an Obama t-shirt, they wouldn't have made her take it off and it's just not fair and okay, yeah, I get it. You know what? It is unfair that they make that student take that shirt off and they probably wouldn't make another student who was wearing an Obama shirt take that off, right. But here's my point is that is such a lame, immature argument to make. It's just not fair, you know, if they can do it, why can't I do it type of thing.

I mean, I have four kids and I hear that every day from my kids. You know what, life isn't fair guys business is not fair that's the way it is. Let's get our big boy pants on and let's play the game, let's play the game the way it is. If you just go back and just say and whine and complain about how the media is not fair, it's, you know, the media is biased and the left is this and that, or the right is this and that and it's just not fair. If they were to do this, we would have been in trouble or they would've gotten in trouble, whatever. You know what I'm saying? Like, oh, it's so annoying. And in fact I've had to turn the TV off and stop watching the news and reading the news because all they do is they whine and complain and I agree with them.

That's what's frustrating. Like there's got to be a better way to make your argument and to make your case than to say it's not fair and they get to do this and I don't, why don't I get some ice cream? Like they got some ice cream. Why don't I get, like, when I have one of my kids with me, I have four kids, right? They're age 15, 13, 10 and 8. And if I take one kid somewhere to get an ice cream or a frosty at Wendy's or whatever, you better believe when I get back, everybody's going to be like, oh, why did he you one? Why didn't I get one? Oh, life is not fair. You know what I tell them? I don't tell them, aw you know what, I'm sorry next time we go out, I'll take you to get an ice cream. I don't tell him that.

I'm like, no, it's, yeah, you're right it's not fair. I just chose to take so and so to get ice cream, deal with it. I'm not going to apologize or try to make it fair for everybody, so I want to just push you guys like stop blaming influences outside of your control. Stop blaming your economic status. Stop blaming where you were raised or where you were born or who your parents were or the privileges that you had or didn't have. You need to just say, you know what, I know it's not fair, but I'm not going to complain about it I'm going to do something about it, I'm going to do something about it.

So when you do all kinds of marketing and you know, you're complaining like it's not fair because I'm doing all this marketing and I'm not doing any deals, but Joe blow down the street he's doing all these deals, it's not fair. I got, he's got all these realtors bringing him deals and I don't have any realtors and he lives on that side of town and I'm on this side of town, it's not fair. You know what you're right it's not, but stop whining about it. And get, become, get some. Can I say it? Get some balls. And if you're a girl, well, you know, I don’t know, do something like that, you know, equivalent for you, but like stop whining about it. Stop being a baby and just do something about it.

So I just, I don't know, I just was wanting to, I was thinking about that. And it's so tempting and easy to fall into this trap and to feel sorry for yourself and to accept other people's, let other people's agenda's become your own. Like, you should only worry about things you can control, all right. It's just a stupid t-shirt. So why make a big deal out of it? Is it really a big deal? I'm talking about this Make America Great Again t-shirt or hat or whatever. It was like this is a really a big deal. Like really? Okay you like Trump great, but like if it's going to cause a problem in the schools, then don't wear it. It's not a matter of life and death. Is that something you want to have on your tombstone that you know you want your generations after you to remember you because of the t-shirts that wore.

So if you got to pick your battles I guess is another thing I'm trying to say here, right? Like pick your battles and choose what actually really is important. You know, politics is not that important. People get so worked up with it and they get so angry and they get so defensive and bitter and it causes division and rivalry. And you know what? This is nothing new, people freak out about this. Like oh America is more divided than it ever has been. That's not exactly true. It's always been like this, it's just the way it is.

You start reading history, reading what happened back in the Civil War, you know, before the Civil War happened and afterwards, and the kind of attacks that people gave to each other from different parties to different presidents they didn't like and all of that. So it's nothing new that happens all over the world, but people need to chill, but you all need to relax. And if somebody voted for somebody that you don't like, take a deep breath, it's okay. It's not a big deal. Like we just got to love each other, right?

There's a bumper sticker I saw once and he was probably a liberal that put it on their sticker on their bumper, but I don't care. I liked it. It said wag more bark less. I think that's really good, right? We all need a wag more and bark a little less. So that's all I wanted to say. I am actually on my way to speak at this event here in Cincinnati. I'm going to be talking about lease options. I'm speaking twice, which will be pretty cool. But first I'm going to be talking about when to actually stay in the middle of a deal and when do you assign the deal or when do you just avoid the deal altogether? So really kind of every deal you look at, you have three choices. Am I going to just throw it away, pass on it, or am I going to assign the deal out to someone else or am I going to stay in the middle?

And there's a lot of options that we have because we understand creative financing because we understand lease options. That's the beautiful thing about it, you have a lot of options. So knowing what to do when you're facing those options, it's pretty cool to be in that kind of a position, isn't it? All right, so hopefully I offended some of you because you probably, if you were offended by what I just said, you needed to be offended and you need to chill. You need to relax and it's all going to be okay.

Focus on what you control. What you can control. Cool? And just smile a little bit, take a deep breath. The world's not coming to an end because who's in, who's in office, right? If who you like is not an office and who you don't like is in office, it's okay. You know what you know what impacts you more in politics then the Senate or the Congress or the presidency or the Supreme Court. You know what affects you more than local politics, your local city council, county executive government, whatever you want to have, you want to make a difference and worry and complain about something and make a difference or help to make better changes for what impacts you more every day. Get involved in local politics if you're going to whine and complain about it. You know what happens in the national level is important obviously, right? But like really taking a look at and take a step back.

What influences or impacts your daily life more is not the federal government, what happens up there? It's not what Fox News or CNN is complaining and whining about. It's what's happening down the street at your City Hall. So get involved. And one of the cool things about this REIA, that I'm going to is they are very active with local and community and state real estate activities like what's going on in the local government.

Because local government can pass laws that make it difficult to be a landlord or difficult to wholesale or to flip properties or they impose taxes on landlords and restrictions and code enforcement and things like that. So get involved with your local community, get involved with local politics and get involved with a local real estate club that is aware of these things that can make you all aware of what's going on and can, you know if there's an issue that's going before the local city council or the state government or whatever that affects your real estate investing business, that's what you need to be concerned about and focused on.

Not whether you're a Trump supporter or an Obama supporter. All right I did, I think I did all right with that. All right guys I think it's one of the most important podcasts I've done in a long time. I hope it speaks to you a little bit. And you know, let me say one more thing. Let me say one more thing. I know I have a lot of Christians listening to this. I'm a super die hard Christian. I love Jesus, right?

But guess what guys? God is not a Republican. Did you hear that? God is not a Republican, he's above all of that. Let's think about what matters most to him, right? It's being nice to each other. It's loving our neighbor. It's doing good things. It's being people of integrity its' standing up for what's right, standing up for justice. It's defending the poor, right? All that good stuff. Very, you know, you can look at both sides of the aisle and they both have things that matter to God that are important to them. So just, you know, stop, step aside and think about like, what does God want me to do? What does God want me to worry about? What can I, what kind of impact and influence can I have in the world around me today with my family, with my local community, and you'll be much happier person. Okay, we'll see you guys take care. Bye.

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