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Surround yourself with people who think you can and avoid people who think you can’t.

I’m returning from Funnel Hacking Live, a marketing conference. Funnel Hacking teaches about using ClickFunnels in the most productive way.

Some attendees sell $40 to $50 million a year of all types of products using the program. People sell books, soap, even leads they garner using ClickFunnels.

While at the conference, I thought about how cool it was to be surrounded by people who were all excited about the same thing. Nobody was saying, “Oh, this won’t work” or “You can’t do this.”

Instead, people were helping each other and describing how they would solve such and such a problem. It was a gathering of successful people generously sharing tactics that had brought them their success.

Brian Page sat by me on the flight home. He’s the Airbnb guy who has a course called BNB Formula. He has students that are making close to a million dollars a year renting Airbnbs.

Brian is currently buying low-end homes, fixing them up and turning them into Airbnbs. He says it’s more lucrative than you can imagine when done right. I’m going to have him on a podcast real soon.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Spend time with people who are positive and successful
  • Don’t listen to naysayers, even if they are family
  • Pick others up instead of knocking them down

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Hey guys, Joe McCall, REI In Your Car, what's going on?

On this podcast I want to talk about surrounding yourself with people who think you can and not surrounding yourself with people who think you can't. So I just got back, it's 1:00 AM in the morning, I just got back from Funnel Hacking Live. It's a marketing conference and it was really cool and I'm really tired so I'm hoping, I'm hoping I make sense I'm almost home. But I want to just share this real quick because I thought as I was there how cool it was to be surrounded by a bunch of people who were excited about the same thing. Like you couldn't find probably, I'm guessing, because I didn't talk to all 4,500 people that were there. But I'm guessing that you would have had a really hard time finding one person there that would tell you, you can't do this stuff or this stuff doesn't work.

Everybody there was excited. Tons and tons of people were there that have had success in their businesses. They, funnel hacking, if you don't know what that is, a guy named Russell Brunson started a company called Click Funnels and these are really, really smart dude, very smart with marketing and stuff like that. And I'm talking about not just like internet marketing businesses, but I'm talking about any business, any business that is in the business of selling things, which is every business. This stuff applies to us all, right. But anyway, he started a company called Click Funnels and Russell and I have actually become friends over the years. He owned some rental properties here in Saint Louis that he should have never bought and it's a long, long story.

But anyway, I helped him out with those properties and we became friends. Anyway, he does these conferences about once a year and it's called Funnel Hacking Live. Basically it's a marketing conference, really powerful, awesome stuff. And there are so many people there that are, I know this sounds cliché, people say it all the time, but there are so many people there that are just crushing it in business. People there that are doing 10, 20, 30, 40 $50 million a year in business, in marketing, changing people's lives.

I sat, there's a higher end mastermind coaching thing called Inner Circle and I'm part of that group which is really amazing and there are, they gave away like 200 it's called the Two Comma Club award and they give away these awards to any business that uses click funnels that's made over $1 million in revenue in the last 12 months or in a 12 month period and they gave away 200 of them.

They have, this is the third year they've done it. They've given away 505 Two Comma Club awards to companies and individuals that have used click funnels, use the software and the marketing techniques and stuff like that and grossed over $1 million in revenue, which is just amazing it's mind blowing and there's like 40 companies guys and girls that have done over $10 million. So they give away a $10 million award thing and it's an award that looks like a record label. It's pretty cool, I got mine three years ago, so three Funnel Hacking Lives ago. I got mine and you can only get one for one funnel. So, anyway, it's just so cool to see these people. We had like a early morning, I mean an early before the conference started like a dinner for the folks in the inner circle group thing.

And I was sitting next to people that it's just amazing. Like one lady wrote a book about beating alcoholism and she wasn't a raging alcoholic, but she was somebody that would drink, you know, just a glass of wine every night and find out after doing this for a long time that she couldn't stop and it really affected all a bunch of different areas in her life and she finally kicked it. She wrote a book about it and she helps women, specifically women, I'm sure guys too, but all over the country, all over the world, break free from the bondage of alcoholism it's just amazing. And she's makes a lot of money doing it. She's made millions of dollars teaching this stuff and selling this book.

There was another lady there, a stay at home mom with like four kids who sells essential oils and bath, no, she makes bath, what do you call it? Soap. She makes soap and oils and lotions and stuff like that. She's got an amazing story and sells millions of dollars of that stuff using marketing techniques like webinars and just online internet marketing stuff, really cool. And other guys like yours truly that teach, do coaching and help people in business make more money.

So anyway, well what's my whole point in this? Surrounding myself with people that are doing better than me that, you know, I can share what I'm working on are my challenges and struggles and things like that. And it's so cool and refreshing and exciting when you're surrounded with people that say, yay, that's awesome you can do it, you know, or oh, that's a, that's a challenge okay, yeah, I've had that before, this is how what I did to overcome it. Or I know somebody that had that same challenge and they overcame that. And this is what they did.

Have you thought about doing this? Have you looked at it this way. So surrounding yourself with people that are excited about the same things you are is so refreshing. I think everybody needs to do that. Go to an event like this or go to a mastermind or go to a coaching program or group or like even if he can't travel somewhere, surround yourself in the right Facebook groups and hang out with people who say you can do it and get away from the people who say you can't.

There are so many people out there who can discourage you, you know, and their maybe family and you can't just leave them, right. Like I'm not saying do that, you should still love your family, but be really careful who you take your advice from. Would you rather, take your advice from a poor person or a broke person? I mean, business advice. There are certain things that maybe, well, anyway, like don't take business advice from someone who's broke.

Don't take business advice from somebody who works 40, 50, 60 hours a week in a corporate job. Who's never started their own business, who's never had to sell anything. Take your advice from people that have been there, done that. And that's where the secret and the keys to success are. So I am home and I am tired. Hopefully I don't wake anybody up and we'll see you guys and that's it guys. See you. Bye. Bye.

Oh, I just remembered something I wanted to say on the flight from where was I? Boy Nashville to Atlanta for a connecting flight to St Louis. And if you look at a map, oh my gosh it's the complete opposite direction. Anyway, so on the flight I'm sitting there and up walks next and sits next to me is Brian Page. So I got to sit with Brian Page for an hour and a half talking to him. Some of you don't know Brian Page. He's the creator of a course called it's an Airbnb course right, BNB Formula. Super nice guy, incredible success story. He used to be an active real estate investor and did a lot of deals. You know got tired and frustrated with just a couple, 300 bucks a month in cash flow.

And he started doing Airbnbs and started doubling and tripling his cash flow and started doing a lot of them. And then about a year and a half ago, he started teaching this stuff. And the crazy thing is now his students are doing way more than he's ever done and he has more testimonials and he can count of students, clients that are just doing $800,000 a year. He was telling me about one guy who's almost at a million dollars a year right now in income from his Airbnbs and he's doing it. He's been  only doing it like, what did he say, eight or 10 months?

I don't know I'm tired. But just so it's cool to hang out with somebody like Brian, talk about what he's working on, talking about our students and our clients and sharing the success stories and getting excited. And I was so encouraged that, I mean Brian and I are friends, but he's got an amazing product and amazing course.

He told me right now he's working on this new project where he's buying these houses. He's buying houses that, you know are in working class neighborhoods. They're not your, what you would typically think of as an Airbnb neighborhood, right? These are good working class neighborhoods in the St Louis in the Midwest area. It would be a house, you know, under $100,000. Maybe I should take that back between like a hundred and $125,000. It's not super low end, but a little bit below the median price, right. And he's buying these things. He's fixing them up and he's, instead of selling a set of just renting them or selling them on the MLS or whatever, he's turning them into Airbnbs and he's got this thing figured out where on average you should be able to pay the thing off in three years or less if you put all of the cash flow back into paying off the mortgage. And then you've got a rental property that instead of paying you maybe 800 to thousand dollars a month in rent, you're getting about three to $4,000 a month in rent doing Airbnb's on these homes.

And so he's doing it right now. He's like, he's, he did this, he's doing this somewhere in the Charlotte area or whatever because he lives in Charlotte. No, no he lives in Charleston. And he's documenting the whole thing and he's going to be coming out with a course on how to find these houses, how to fix them up the right way, how to stage them and do Airbnbs on them. And the crazy thing is he was talking to me about this, you only need like three or four of these to make about 10 grand a month in income from these. And if you use the cash that you're getting to pay off the mortgages, you should pay them off in like three or four years. It's just crazy awesome. So I'm excited about it and I told him that I'm going to get them on the podcast, we're going to talk about it.

And when this course, when he's, so he's videoing this whole process like with him and his phone, he's videoing the whole thing as he's doing this and the rehab just finished their staging the property right now and they're going to be managing, you know, doing the Airbnb stuff. So I'm so excited about that to see it. I'm excited about that because I want to share it with you guys. I've had a lot of students lately that have been telling me their success using lease options like I teach and putting, doing them as Airbnb's, which is really cool. So stay tuned for that.

I just wanted to share that with you as I sign off here okay. Guys, hang out with people that you like, that you want to be like that have the same passions and, you know, the goals as you do, who tell you that you can do it, who aren't going to tell you, you can't do it, right. It's so much. If you were to stand on a stool, it's a lot easier to pull people down than to lift them up, isn't it? So you want to make sure you're not hanging around people that are going to pull you down all the time. Alright, we'll see you guys take care

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