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I’m in my car waiting for my son to finish his cello lesson.

Today, we’re going to consider how important it is to perceive of yourself as a marketer, not an investor.

I’m working with an accountability group right now. It’s a push to get the group to set up their marketing… build a website, choose a logo, that kind of stuff.

Once that’s done, their primary goal (and job) is to talk to 5 sellers a day. Every participant is behind on that task. However, they are talking to a few sellers a day and bringing in some deals.

You can get others to do marketing for you. Hire a VA. Hire bird dogs to drive around. Hire door knockers. Hire a direct mail company. Just do it. Nothing is more important.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Remember that you’re a marketer
  • Talk to sellers every day
  • Getting leads is your business
  • Outsource direct mail

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Hey, what's up guys? Joe McCall, REI in Your Car. I'm actually in the car right now waiting for my son to finish his cello lessons super cool I love listening to him play. Today's podcast I'm going to be talking about how to view yourself as a marketer not as a real estate investor, so something's cool going on in the right now. I'm working with a group of clients, it's called an accountability, Deal Coaching Accountability Group I need to come up with a better name it's kind of long, but it's an accountability group and I'm working with a small group of investors that are willing to put themselves out there and we helped them come up with a marketing plan, excuse me, and every week they report on their numbers. It's a six-week little program that we do.

We do these two or three times a year and it's really cool because, excuse me, we're forcing people to get out of their comfort zone and focusing on what really matters, okay. Building a website, coming up with a logo, a company name, entity structuring, understanding the contracts, having all the what if questions answered, that doesn't matter, none of that matters. A hill of beans. What matters is making money. What matters is doing deals and how do you do deals you make offers and how do you make offers? You talk to sellers; how do you talk to sellers? You do marketing.

So, it all comes back to marketing. And so, we help these folks come up with a real simple marketing plan and they’re only doing one or two things, right? Not five things, one or two simple things. And the goal is to talk to five sellers a day, five sellers a day, that's it, five days a week, 25 sellers a week. And so, we've been pushing them with this thing and you know sometimes it's frustrating and I'm telling these guys, listen, your success is entirely in your hands. It's all up to you. I'm pushing them and they're not meeting their numbers, but something cool is happening here.

Their at least meeting half of their numbers. And guess what happens when you meet at least half your numbers? Well, you're going to start doing deals. If you're talking to maybe not five a day, but if you're talking to two or three sellers a day consistently, if you're making at least one or two offers a day consistently, guess what's going to happen? You're going to start doing deals, right? So, everybody's different, right? Everybody's in a different place. People have full time jobs. One of the things, the challenges that we're discovering here, I've already known this actually. The clients are discovering is they have this marketing plan and the realizing quickly what a pain in the butt it is to do that marketing yourself every day. Can I hear a witness? It's hard like, and I remember those days and I was working my full-time job trying to do the marketing. I would try to time block.

I couldn't afford, you know, thousand postcards a week or a month or whatever. So, I was doing the cheaper type of marketing, the more manual type of marketing, right? And I would try to time block it out. I would try to say, all right, I'm going to get up at 5:00 AM and do my marketing on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. My director mail and emails, and then in the evenings I was trying to time block my marketing, put it on my calendar. Well, I'm not that disciplined. I was too tired at 5:00 AM and when I got home, I didn't want to do any of that stuff. So, I started realizing how important it was to get marketing done for me in spite of me, right?

And I want you guys to start thinking about this because we're not in the real estate business. I've said this. This is my mantra. We're not in the real estate investing business. We are in the marketing business, and I want to challenge you guys to stop thinking of yourselves as real estate investors. I want you to start thinking of yourselves as marketers who do real estate investing. Let me repeat that. You are marketers that do real estate investing. plain and simple. Leads are the lifeblood of your business.

If you don't have any leads, you're not going to do any deals. So here you understand. I think we're all on the same page if you don't agree with me that go listen to someone else's podcast because this isn't going to fit, but if we're on the same page that marketing is important obviously, and if we're on the same page that marketing is the most important thing. Then if you're not doing it, somebody's got to do it. You need to get somebody else to do your marketing for you and it's not that difficult. If you're doing direct mail, simply a matter of going online and finding a company that does letters or postcards and paying the money to do it for you, give them a list.

A lot of these mail companies you can have, you can buy the list from them, right? Go to YellowLetters.com. YellowLetterHQ.com. YellowLettersShop.com. What's that company I've been using recently that I like a lot? OpenLetterMarketing.com, OpenLetterMarketing.com. YellowLetterHQ.com. YellowLetters.com. Yellow Letter Shop.com. Those are four or so that I've used, you know, go find a local print shop in your community and use them, but you can easily outsource your direct mail.

Go buy a list of five, 10,000 names and give that list to the direct mail company and just tell them, I want you to mail this letter a thousand a week and recycle next time next, go around, send this postcard and the next go around, send this letter, right. So, outsource your direct mail ASAP. Get someone else to do that for you. But what if you're doing other things. One of best things I ever did in my business was hire a virtual assistant at the time this was, what, 2008, I didn't know you could hire VA’s from the Philippines. So, I just hired some lady from the Indiana and she was amazing. I think I was only paying her about five bucks an hour, maybe it was seven. I think it was $7 an hour.

And she was amazing because guess what happened? Whether I liked it or not, I was getting leads. It's funny, I was, I remembered back then I would work super hard with a bunch of marketing, right, and then get a bunch of leads and turn off my marketing because I couldn't handle the volume and I would work these leads, you know, get them under contract and then I would sell them, sell the, flip the contracts, and two, three months, well four to six weeks later turn around and I had no more leads coming in.

My pipeline was empty and I go into panic mode because I realize it's not just like a light switch, you turn it on and the leads start flowing back again. It takes time. It takes momentum. That momentum, it's so hard to get started. You know when you're first starting out and you're pushing this giant rock, it's hard to push, right? But as you start pushing it, it starts rolling, the momentum starts growing and then it kinda of just kinda of goes on its own right.

And then it becomes hard to stop. So, the longer you do the marketing, the more momentum you're going to be building and the easier everything becomes. So, whatever you do, don't ever, ever, ever stop your marketing. Get someone else to do it for you. Get a virtual assistant to do all of your marketing for you. Get a mail company to do your direct mail, higher door knockers, Driving for Dollars, people, bird dogs, realtors, your, your, your dog, your, your, your wife, your kids.

Get someone else to do your marketing for you. Don't complicate it. Overthink it. Don't feel like you got to figure it out and do it yourself first before you hire and train somebody to do it for you. Just get someone to do it for you. I mean, they're here. Go to YouTube, do a search for how does, I don't know. I'm sure I've got some videos out there somewhere in a podcast on how to send text messages to landlords on Craigslist, right? Or just figure it's not that hard. Just go do it, right? Hire somebody to go send some text messages to landlords and for sale by owners on Craigslist. Just get it done and I don't think that you're going to do it yourself. I remember thinking, man, if I try to do this myself, it's just never going to get done. Get someone to do it for you. In spite of you, start thinking of yourself as a marketer who does real estate investing, not a real estate investor. You want to go broke fast? Be a real estate investor. If you want to make a metric butt ton of money, be a marketer who does real estate investing.

Cool, metric butt ton. You know what that means, that means that means a lot, Okay? Go make some metric, butt tons of money and a lot of your problems will disappear, but it all starts with marketing. Make sense guys? All right, so listen, I had I created a Mind Map video series on Wholesaling One on One and I created it with my coaching business partner Gavin and we did this about a year ago. We put them on YouTube and they're phenomenal. It's like a free course on wholesaling. We give away our contracts are checklists are scripts, the postcards that we use, different marketing that we do and teach you how to wholesale a deal from beginning to end, A to Z in a free little class it's about 12 or 13 videos.

You can get it. It's all on a Mind Map, the transcripts, the videos, the Mind Map itself, which has all the stuff in it. At FlipMindMap.com. It's absolutely free. Flip MindMap.com or you can text the word Flip to 313131. Text the word Flip to 313131 to get your hands on it. I almost said your grubby little hands, stupid. Get your hands on it. Okay it's free and it teaches you how to do traditional wholesaling and get deals under contract. Okay. We talk a lot in there about the type of marketing that you can do, how to talk to sellers, how the paperwork, contracts work, all that good stuff, but also if you want to learn how to flip deals that don't have any equity, get my book WLOBook.com and teach you how to flip deals that don't have any equity. Again, to websites, FlipMindMap.com or text the word Flip to 313131. We're getting my book at WLOBook.com. It's free. Just pay shipping. I'll send it out to you all. Alright guys. Have a good one. Go get your marketing on, see ya .

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