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Hi everybody. Glad you’re here.

This time I’m actually in my car. I just dropped off a friend at the airport.

We’ve been strategizing for 2 days about plans for the business. One thing we talked about was how to get my boys (aged 15 and 13) involved in real estate.

The wholesaling in Alabama is still going well. We’re going to focus on lease options in other new markets.

Some of these adjustments have to do with the fact that we’re entering a soft market. Others are because I want to simplify.

I’m sharing random thoughts today, but it’s important. As you think about the coming year for your business, think about getting better, not bigger.

Make sure your work doesn’t have you running in 20 different directions. Simplify by focusing on one thing and doing that one thing well.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Simplifying the educational side of business
  • Lease options are a focus in 2019
  • Will start teaching using YouTube videos

Mentioned in this episode:

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