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I’m talking to you today after going through my Facebook feed.

There’s a lot on Facebook about the direction of the real estate market. Some investors are saying we’re headed for disaster. Others think it will be a mild dip, not a crash.

Mortgage rates have hit a 7-year high, but they’re still very low. Prices are just beginning to come down after sustained price growth.

Don’t attempt high-end rehabs. Stick with mid-price homes because they’re always in demand.

Creative financing, like owner financing or buying on terms, will become even more important in this market. Be prepared to hold properties longer if you’re rehabbing.

New construction is overbuilt, so expect a buyer’s market in the category.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Real estate market is slowing down
  • Stick with the fundamentals
  • Affordability will improve
  • Be smart and hold on tight

Mentioned in this episode:

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