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Welcome to the REIM podcast.

Our guest today, Scott Carson, is going to teach us about buying notes. You're going to want to listen and take notes!

Scott lives in Austin, Texas, and he’s been investing in real estate since 2002. He didn’t get off to a great start… mostly lost money on flipping properties.

Scott started focusing on buying distressed debt in 2010. He was buying debt in other states, so he left Texas at that time and traveled the country, purchasing debt and speaking at real estate investment clubs.

Even though we’ve officially been out of the financial crisis for a while, 1 out of 9 American homeowners are still underwater and looking at default. Recovery is moving slowly in some states.

Once Scott buys a note, he uses various creative financing methods to get the borrower/occupant to pay on time. Once the individual proves to be capable, the note can be resold at a profit.

Scott is very clear that he’s not a charity. He forecloses on borrower/occupants who don’t pay on time. Once a property is foreclosed on, he sells it as quickly as possible.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Pay 50 to 55% of property’s worth
  • Purchase occupied property; rehab the borrower
  • About 40% of Scott’s purchases end in foreclosure
  • Not hard to find private investors

Mentioned in this episode:

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