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Hi everybody. Glad you’re here.

I’m going to fuss and fume on this episode. Please bear with me.

A friend of mine, Russell Brunson, invented Click Funnels software. I use it for just about everything I do.

He asked me to write a chapter in his new book, 30 Days. The premise for the book is that different successful individuals write about what they’d do [in relation to internet marketing] for the first 30 days if they lost everything and had to start over in an unfamiliar city.

Of course, I wrote about real estate investing and marketing, stating I would make deal(s) using only a phone. The chapter got a few angry responses from people on my email list. Today, I’m sharing one in particular that got my attention.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Talk to landlords, property managers, realtors
  • 2 questions to ask other investors/wholesalers
  • Never underestimate what you can do with a phone

Mentioned in this episode:

What are you thinking?

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  1. Hey Joe, first off…thank you for your hard work! I appreciate the content you put out and all the time you put into our education. I have not done a deal yet, most of it is because I haven’t been as consistent as I should’ve been, also focusing on the wrong things. Passively waiting for the deal to come to me rather then actively looking for a deal. I know phone calls are a game changer, but my problem is fear and time to making them. Do you have any advice or suggestions? I know I’m going to have to just make the phone calls to get over the fear, the first one is the hardest. But as far as time, I normally work from 06-1800. Again thank you for your time!

    1. Aaron – my best advice is practice, practice, practice… If you want to be successful in this business, you need to talk to at least 5 sellers a day. Everyone started in the same place you are in right now. There’s nothing unique about where you’re at. Take massive action and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Watch this video by Kern… https://youtu.be/yzgJz8tRftM (excuse the language…)

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