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Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Glad you’re here. This show is also airing on Facebook Live. You may enjoy watching video for a change.

Gary Boomershine, our guest, was the guy on the audio in many of the courses I took early in my career. He was working with Richard Roop and Dan Durand.

My book about Wholesaling Lease Options is out, and I want you to get it. It’s free and it’s got a lot of good information about one of the easier ways to succeed in this business.

Gary has long been known as the marketing guy. His company, Sales Team Live, has done about 26 million pieces of direct mail since 2005. REI Vault, another company of Gary’s, is a marketing agency that works on a ‘share’ model.

His companies manage lead generation marketing for 250 investors. He credits his inside phone sales team with much of the success his customers experience.

This is the direct mail line that seems to get the attention of pretty solid sellers. “I recently sold a house in your area and I’m looking to buy another one with the proceeds.”

Sometimes Gary adds a Google Maps street view image of property to a letter or post card. It generates more complaints that other approaches, but he continues to use it.

Some of Gary’s clients send follow-up packets containing 2 contracts and an offer letter to potential sellers. Timing is everything on this approach.

Podio ‘drip’ phone call follow-up is an excellent tool. VAs pull comps on DM responses or hang-ups, and separate out the promising ones. Then there’s a sequence of situation-based seller contacts that will be made over a year’s time.

“Get your marketing done for you, in spite of you.”

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Joe and his guest agree that money is made on the phone
  • Are post cards or letters the way to go with direct mail
  • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up… that’s where sales live
  • Follow-up includes calling back hang-ups
  • Learn how data stacking can improve a mail list

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