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We have a special guest, Tre’Leon Bey. He’s doing deals from everywhere, literally. He’s living in Thailand with his wife and traveling around that area of the world.

Tre realized he had an entrepreneurial spirit and decided to change careers after working 5 years as a union organizer. Simply by answering an ad, he ended up working in real estate.

He got little to no training. The job was to attend auctions at county courthouses around Georgia and buy distressed properties for a hedge fund. He went out on his own after the auction market slowed down.

Tre specializes in lease options and wholesaling. The cash flow he gets from sandwich lease options is funding the travel he’s doing.

He offers solutions to sellers, and recommends the option that both fits the seller’s needs and is based on the condition of the property.

In Thailand, he’s rented several condos that he offers on Airbnb, and he’s working on getting an investor’s visa. Tre and his wife are hoping to stay a long time, as Thailand is working toward changing laws to favor business.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Hear about Tre’s resourceful marketing tactics
  • How networking can really pay off
  • Cash in on Airbnb in resort areas

Mentioned in this episode:

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