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Hey, what’s going on?

I’m enjoying a beautiful sunset right now as I’m driving to pick up my son at his tumbling class.

We’re talking again about Win Win Win Deals. These are ideal because the seller, the buyer and you (the investor) all feel like they’ve won when the deal is complete.

Aim for $10,000 for yourself on each deal in assignment or wholesaling fees. People may tell you it’s crazy to aim for that much, but don’t believe the naysayers.

Real estate investing and the earnings you make allow freedom… freedom of time and place. You can structure your business to provide cash flow and long-term capital with virtually no overhead.

You can work from home. You can end your workday at the same time your kids get home from school. That’s freedom.

You can have location independence. You can work on the beach, in the mountains, wherever you enjoy being. That’s freedom.

Just make it a habit. Set up every deal so that all participants, including you, feel like a winner when it’s done.

This topic is covered in my new book, Wholesaling Lease Options. Be sure to order the book soon. It’s free; you pay only shipping, and it comes with bonuses.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Won’t it be great to enjoy the freedom your earnings give
  • Keep your business simple… that’s freedom, too
  • Learn more by reading Joe’s new book

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