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Hey, what’s up everybody?

Right now, I’m driving to the PGA Championship. Cool, huh? It’s in St. Louis this year at a course called Belle Rive.

My new book, Wholesaling Lease Options, just came out. If you haven’t already ordered it, you really should. It’s free… just pay shipping.

In the book, I talk about Win Win Win deals. Make every effort, with every deal, to be sure that the participants feel like winners when it’s done.

Often, sellers are in a bind, and a lease option truly is the best option. And, the tenant buyers benefit because they lock in a good price on a desirable property.

Since I’ve arrived at my destination, I’m making this part 1 of a 2-part episode.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • How and why to get Joe’s new free book
  • Learn the importance of crafting deals that make people feel like winners
  • Taking care of your reputation

Mentioned in this episode:


Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

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