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Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. This episode is being broadcast live on Facebook. Join us there if you can.

Our guest, Mark Evans, has a new book out that I really like. It’s The 10-Minute Business Owner. It talks about freedom, building wealth and creating a life worth living.

Mark is the kind of guy I want to be. He’s known as the Deal Maker or DM. He grew up in a small town and did not attend college, yet has done very well as a real estate investor.

Mark began meeting other investors by attending the local REIA. He’d often hear people talking about real estate investing being difficult. He didn’t buy that… he just concentrated on building his business and creating a mindset of success.

Mark’s good at connecting with buyers/sellers and solving their concerns. Importantly, he makes them feel the deal is about them.

He runs his business while traveling. Creating smart systems for his business and hiring the right people allows him to do this.

His team does 20 to 30 deals a month with about half of them being wholesale. He also sells rental property to landlords. He’s developed methods to incentivize tenants to be honest and pay on time.

Mark hires good, honest hard workers and gives them the leeway to make decisions and spend what it takes to keep business running smoothly. They know he expects them to report hard data about the properties to him because he makes decisions based on data.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Real estate is the “equalizer of dummies”
  • Real estate is not difficult; it’s people’s mindset
  • Learn advantage of being nice to your tenants
  • Demand and reward data, not drama from people (employees and tenants)

Mentioned in this episode:

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