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Hey there, welcome to the Real Estate Investing Master podcast. This is part 2 with my guest Larry Goins.

Larry is an active investor and a teacher. His 1st deal was in 1986, and he’s done almost every type of real estate strategy.

If you want to hear the part 1 episode with Larry, go to the Real Estate Investment Mastery website, type in ‘Larry’ and the podcast will pop up. (And don’t forget to review our podcast wherever you listen to it.)

Anyway, Larry is using a lot of direct mail and he’s getting a surprising number of calls. If the caller says “No, not ready to sell,” he’s got their phone number and can follow up.

Larry is sharing which list he uses in small towns to find deals, what questions he asks when discussing the house with a seller and the useful and actionable info you’ll gain from his ‘Filthy Riches’ course.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Why you should keep trying new marketing tactics
  • Why you need to track your marketing results
  • Learning about negotiating by phone
  • Why including ‘No banks needed’ in your marketing materials is like honey to a bee

Mentioned in this episode:

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