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Welcome, I’m with Jason Palliser in this episode. He’s a friend of mine here in St. Louis, and he’s been a real estate investor for a long time. Before I met him, I’d heard his name from other investors and numerous people told me Jason would be good for me to work with.

Like many of us, Jason began by flipping houses. When he sensed the recession coming, he adapted by getting into other strategies.

Now he trains teams for hedge funds that want to purchase several properties in a certain city. He puts together a “Blueprint” that contains scripts and other marketing tools that are adaptable based on the situation, and it also tracks results.

He always says: “Someone is always willing to pay more.” Properties that are priced correctly will move, allowing you to get busy on the next deal.

Jason’s Blueprint systematically runs an investing business. It tells users what they should be doing each day/each hour to find deals. It provides the language to use, methods for overcoming objections, skip tracing and more.

And, you can take his seminar and get your business running like a machine! This guy has SO much knowledge to share.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Why your business should rely on volume instead of price
  • Why you need a LOT of different ways (say 20) to find off-market properties
  • How automation allows you to be proactive
  • Why the trick is getting there first

Mentioned in this episode:

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