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So, I’ve got a short episode today. I’m driving home from a couple of real estate classes that are required to keep my real estate license active.

I’m sharing an acronym with you that may help when you encounter objections… CRIAC. It stands for Cushion, Restate, Isolate, Answer and Close.

I’ll explain what each of these means—this is a really cool concept and technique.

One more thing: Get my free book! Wholesaling Lease Options. It’s available now at WLObook.com.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • A simple acronym you can use when handling objections
  • Why people need to know that you understand their objection
  • What questions can help the two of you come up with an answer to an objection
  • Where to get Joe’s FREE book on Wholesaling Lease Options

Mentioned in this episode:


Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

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