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In this episode, you will be joining me on a coaching call with Melissa Dodson. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and has been our boots on the ground in small markets in Alabama and Mississippi, where we’ve been having great success lately.

My partner Gavin and I have been working on perfecting the auto-dialer cold call strategy, and using it to cold call property owners.

There’s no direct mail involved. Very low spend on marketing. And Melissa is a follow-up beast!

Melissa started in real estate only to help her husband. She got her first deal in 5 or 6 weeks, and quit her job pretty soon after that. She doubled her paralegal take-home pay in 4 months of real estate investing.

Gavin credits Melissa’s success to taking action and communication. She makes as many as 15 offers a day. Melissa says it’s important to learn your market.

When she gets a lead, it’s prescreened only to the extent that she knows it’s someone who might want to sell a property. Melissa checks location, size of the home and rehab needs. Sometimes she makes an offer on the first call. Her buyers are generally flippers or landlords.

And one more thing you’ll hear about in this ep—Gavin and I are interested in doing deals with investors pretty much anywhere in the country. Interested? Go to CoachJoe.net and leave us a message about yourself and what you like to do.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Use the final and best offer strategy
  • Melissa uses Podio for follow-up reminders and notes
  • Outsource your weaknesses
  • Systems setup by Joe and Gavin were invaluable to Melissa
  • $500 in marketing includes Mojo, Skype, skip tracing, lists, VA

Mentioned in this episode:

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