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So, my guest today is Patrick Precourt, who runs what is probably the best real estate Mastermind in the country: Collective Genius.

He’s now gotten into working with people on personal development. He particularly works with entrepreneurs on peak performance mastery.

Patrick started as a professional rugby player. Then he worked in construction and as a home inspector. This got him interested in real estate. His first deal was a sandwich lease option in the ‘90s.

After that, Patrick got seriously into short sales. He got educated about it in early 2000s and was ready to hit it big time when the recession hit. He did short sale deals all over the country.

Then Patrick got into real estate investment education. He found that frustrating because the success rate was only about 10%. Was it the content, the delivery? Why weren’t people getting results out of coaching?

He decided he needed to help people break the patterns that were leading them to fail. He now helps people learn how to perform at their peak, not just professionally but personally…

Be real with yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t coddle your emotions. You have to be courageous, not fearless. Don’t quit because forward motion builds on itself.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • More education, more backing doesn’t always lead to more success
  • Working harder and longer isn’t what you should aim for
  • What if you performed at 100% every day? What would be the result?
  • Be disciplined, be focused, be grateful

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