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This is the second of 2 connected episodes… the first was 5 things I used to say yes to, but now say no. This ep will cover 5 things I used to say no to, but now say yes to.

Let me get right to it—it's important to use a CRM to manage your leads. There are numerous good CRM software programs out there, and an assistant can input and update data for you. A CRM lets you have all your info in one place so you can follow up with buyers and sellers. My motto is ‘no lead left behind.'

I’m also covering in this episode the importance of having someone to manage your books. Pro tip: have this person set aside a percentage of each deal to cover taxes.

You’ll also hear why I suggest having a local assistant and just how critical marketing is—it’s the best investment you can make in your business.

And, you should make a point of being generous… to yourself and to others. Pay the people you hire good wages. Take your family on a vacation. Allow yourself some luxury every once in a while.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • I say yes to using a CRM
  • I say a big yes to hiring someone to manage your books regularly
  • I say yes to hiring a local assistant
  • I now say yes to spending serious money on marketing
  • I say yes to being generous with my money and my time

Mentioned in this episode:


Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

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