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This is the first of 2 connected episodes…

The first is about 5 things I used to say ‘yes’ to, but now say ‘no’ to. The second will cover 5 things I used to say ‘no’ to, but now say ‘yes’ to. They're sort of mirror image episodes.

You've heard me say to concentrate on the $500 per hour tasks, not the $5 an hour tasks. And don't try to do everything yourself. And, hire people to work with you… not just on marketing, but hire people to assist you through the whole deal-making process.

I'll cover that plus some other interesting things I now say no to. Some of these may surprise you.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • I now say no to doing my own marketing
  • I say no to trying to do everything myself
  • I say no to going out to see houses
  • I say no to giving away my time for free
  • I say no to buying courses on the “next new thing”

Mentioned in this episode:


Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

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