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Today, I want to share with you this simple thing I've been thinking about lately. It's something that we should do at every interaction we have with buyers and sellers, but most of us forget or don't feel comfortable doing it.

Every time we meet with someone as we go about our business, we should ask them if they have another house they're interested in buying or selling. Do they know of anyone in the neighborhood who's considering to buy or sell?

You will probably get as many deals from asking these types of questions as you get from your standard marketing. And you'll build stronger relationships.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • EVERY TIME you meet with a buyer or seller, ask the question(s) face to face
  • EVERY TIME you meet with a property manager, ask if any of their clients are considering a sale
  • Ask private investors if they know anyone else who'd like to earn a great return on a short-term investment
  • This is the best kind of direct marketing, and it doesn't cost a thing

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  1. Awesome, very interested in listening to this. It’s the same in all business, creating that word of mouth waterfall. And if you’ve a good reputation, even better. I once learned that you can get about anything if you just ask for it, a discount, a free thing or new customers…
    Looking forward to becoming a new subscriber.

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