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I haven't done one of these in a while… just haven't been driving much.

I did a Mastermind with several of my students this week. We get together for these about 3 times a year to review each other's businesses and help find solutions for challenges. I do some teaching.

There were people in the room from all walks of life… different ages, experiences and comfort levels with technology. I can get on a roll and start geeking out about tech when I'm teaching, and yesterday I had to be reeled in.

I'm glad it happened. It made me remember that making a deal does NOT require technology. We can make deals even if we write letters by hand and keep paper files.

Deals can be made using a cheap cell phone plan or a prepay phone. Even attaining lists of leads can be low tech if that makes you more comfortable.

Some new technologies are mentioned in my podcasts episodes, and they're great. Only you can decide whether to try them or not. Just remember you don't have to adopt them to be a success.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Using tools that work for you… keeping it simple
  • High tech is not the only way to succeed
  • Deals come from building rapport, which is decidedly low tech

Mentioned in this episode:


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