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Do you think your market is too competitive and investing doesn't work?

Well, this happens to be a top complaint I hear ALL. THE. TIME.

There's no deals… no seller wants to sell their house at a discount… I can't find any deals on the MLS… direct mail sucks…

Look, I’ve heard them all, and I’m guilty of saying some of them too.

But here’s the bottom line: In this business, you can only do deals with motivated sellers.

So your main job is to do marketing to find motivated sellers. And they're out there.

If you’re not doing deals, it’s because you’re not doing enough marketing and you’re not following up on leads. Period.

Persistent, consistent marketing is the name of the game.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • More common complaints about investing that you can overcome
  • What to offer sellers so they’ll do your deal
  • Are there sellers with little-to-no equity out there?
  • Are you doing enough marketing?
  • Why following up is so critical
  • Why you should look into the smaller cities around your main market
  • Specifics about my new lease options podcast and book

Mentioned in this episode:


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