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I have not one but two BIG announcements to make!

I’m starting a new podcast. Yep, it’s going to be all about my favorite investing strategy: lease options. I’m really excited. I plan to put out one 30-minute episode a week.

We’ll cover how I got started with lease options, mistakes I’ve made, why I love it… there are so many benefits to lease options and little risk.

The podcast will be for listeners who want to grow their lease option business, those who are just get started in lease options and, of course, everyone who wants to profit from lease options.

This is the biggest perk of this strategy: When you lease option property, you can control a really valuable piece of real estate without actually ever owning it. Awesome!

My second big thing is that I’m also in the final stages of writing a book about lease options.

Lots of details about both inside.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Why I love lease options
  • Specifics about my new lease options podcast and book
  • Who should listen to my new podcast

Mentioned in this episode:


Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

What are you thinking?

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