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Good things will come from listening to me and John Pyke discussing how to grow your business. To grow, you need to hire new people, which can seem overwhelming.

But John can help you with hiring. How do I know? Well, he's hired half a million salespeople for companies. Yeah, that’s how.

Finding excellent salespeople is much more important than training. People without sales talent don't tend to get better with training.

And, an interview is like an iceberg. You only uncover the 12% that's visible above the water line. It's hard to dig out the characteristics that make a great salesperson during an interview.

John uses an assessment tool that assesses personality, motivation and innate talents.

What kind of bosses use John to hire people? Those who are self aware enough to realize hiring is not their expertise.

It’s also important to note that your company needs to be ready to use this super salesperson. Sales support systems must be in place or your new star won't stay.

John offers growing real estate investors a deal that we’ll talk about in this episode. So much to unpack here.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • How John can recognize ‘Sales DNA'
  • His methods are based on scientific research and statistics
  • Why John gives clients an assessment tool to vet applicants before interviewing them
  • Why properly onboarding new hires pays off big

Mentioned in this episode:

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