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Our guest today, Greg Bilbro, is from Scottsdale, Arizona.

He goes by Bilbro…

I met Bilbro at a Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego several weeks ago. He started in real estate investing when the market was at the bottom – in 2008. He began with flipping and felt like he'd found the right thing.

But the down market killed him. He borrowed money and went into default.

Discovering wholesaling gave him the chance to get on his feet again. Once he started wholesaling, he began doing that exclusively.

Now he is working on growing his company, GeoFlip.com. It’s a paid digital marketing solution that finds motivated sellers specifically for real estate investors.

The company perfected the system in Phoenix for several years before offering it to others. And, GeoFlip is tweaked constantly to optimize results.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Can you trust advice from people who haven't failed?
  • How Bilbro's company uses sophisticated digital marketing to find sellers
  • Why GeoFlip serves only 1 (sizable) investor per metro area (MSA)
  • How leads are delivered in whatever manner the client chooses

Mentioned in this episode:

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