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So my guest today has lost a lot of money… but over 18 months, he was able to turn it around and make a profit.

Sam Craven works in the Houston market, one of the largest in the country. He got started in real estate in 2012 after being successful in technical sales. He was making good money but wanted more freedom… think TIME.

So, Sam and his father went into investing together. And they’ve used mentors and coaches all along the way. They did 3 deals in their first 6 months even though they were spending only $250 a month on marketing.

The money they lost was on high-end rehabs. Now their company focuses on wholesaling. Deals move faster and profits per deal are good.

Investors who want to get to the next level need to concentrate on numbers. ROI on marketing, cost per acquisition and leads per completed deal give you a LOT of useful information.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Why Sam puts a guarantee on his deals
  • Why he uses direct mail and online advertising
  • How a budget means spending time or money
  • How Sam is working on expanding nationally

Mentioned in this episode:

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