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We're talking technology today.

We don't have to use the latest tech, but it can make your business more efficient… and efficiency can bring more deals.

Our guest is David Lecko. He's created an app called The Deal Machine. David and I met at the Wholesaling Summit in Orlando.

Deal Machine has been available on the app store for about 7 months. New investors have said they particularly like the ease of working with the app. Mid-level wholesalers like that it cuts marketing costs. And big wholesalers can scale with it.

So, Deal Machine requires someone to bird dog properties… some users pay bird dogs on a per lead basis, some pay a percentage of closed deals, some pay hourly rate.

All bird dogs have to do it is look for and enter vacant properties. Good stuff here.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Aha moments led to the Deal Machine development
  • How the app pinpoints a property on a map and gives info based on public records
  • The Deal Machine provides owner's phone number and address
  • How the app automates postcard mailings and has basic CRM functionality

Mentioned in this episode:

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