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Joe McCall - Real Estate Investing Forecast

For this episode, I’ve got not just audio, but video too as I drive to my chiropractor's office…

When talking to a potential buyer or seller, you want to hear “yes”. That's how you make money. But you know you won't hear yes every time…

If you don't hear a yes, you actually want to hear a “no”.

“Maybes” just slow you down. They're mushy, they're lukewarm, they waste your time.

“Maybes” are not the truth. Instead, they are just a soft “no”.  Be a truth giver and a truth seeker in your business and in life.

Listen and enjoy…

What’s inside:

  • How ‘maybes’ really will kill your business
  • When talking about a deal, you want only a “yes” or “no”
  • If you get a maybe, let them know you hear that as “not interested”
  • Embrace the “no” and move on

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Makes total sense. I love that you said the No should help you learn. I can’t wait to here my first no because Ill be that much closer to a YES! Now, hearing maybe would want me to keep going and going but I do like your advice in your reply to the maybe”It sounds like a no to me Mr. Seller”. That could turn the maybe into a yes but mostly just saves wasted time. Well put Joe.

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