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Chris Chico - Real Estate Investing Forecast

Hey guys, I'm here with Cris Chico today for this video episode.

You've probably heard a few of my podcast episodes that do double duty as coaching calls…

Well, as a joke, Cris ‘applied’ to be on my show as a student. We got to talking and decided we'd do a show about coaching.

Sometimes people get upset and say their coaching failed – and it's possible… maybe the program they bought doesn’t work.

But oftentimes, it doesn't work because the individual brings baggage. And they don't take responsibility. Or it doesn't work because the person does not take action.

Students need to clean the slate and follow the leaders who are already succeeding.

Don't fall apart when one  of the leader's steps doesn't work. Don't walk away. Find a way. Improvise, implement. Winning requires unusual action.

Watch and enjoy…

What’s inside:

  • What are attributes of a good coaching student?
  • Why you should focus on where you're coming from, not where you're going
  • Go all out, take action
  • Beware of: “I'm doing the best I can”
  • Beware of: “What if?”

Mentioned in this episode:

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