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Okay, friends, Jason Courtney is here and he's got an amazing story!

Growing up, Jason developed a drinking and drug problem that ended up with him serving a 5-year stint in prison for drug dealing. The prison time gave Jason's life focus, and he's been able to turn himself around.  He left prison in 2000.

Jason’s father was a custom home builder, and he hired Jason to be on the design team, which involved selling as well.

In the 2008 crash, the company went from building 75 houses a year down to 20. And in 2014, Jason and his twin brother took over their father's business.

In this episode, we’re talking about how even when buying your own home, you should consider doing a ‘subject to' deal. And when selling your own home, think about a lease option. Avoid depending on lenders and paying Realtors and other fees.

Jason tends to hold properties and build cash flow from them. He's not a wholesaler, and no longer a flipper. But he has so much knowledge to share.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Jason's talent is his sales ability on the phone
  • When the economy collapsed in 2008, Jason started doing short sales and loan modifications to help people facing foreclosure
  • Short sales became the feeder for a flipping business
  • Now he primarily buys ‘subject tos' and places lease option tenants in properties
  • Jason uses Automarketer for leads
  • Jason spends about $250 a month on marketing

Mentioned in this episode:

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