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So I just got back from looking at an office. I have a home office, but I’m looking for an office for my assistants.

I'll work primarily out of my home office and go to the assistants' office once or twice a week. It'll mean I'll be driving more and can produce more ‘REI In Your Car' episodes.

I’m talking today about why having a real estate license can help you in your real estate investing business. It really can help you grow your business.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • When dealing with real estate agents, being one yourself lowers their defenses
  • You'll need to disclose licensing to sellers, then follow with a minor explanation
  • Agents get easy access to MLS
  • You'll have access to training through your real estate company
  • You can give and get referrals when working with other agents

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Hey Joe, I’ve done 3 SLO’s since beginning investing 4 years ago. Pretty much learning just from asking questions, YouTube, mistakes and taking action. Learned a ton from you and bigger pockets podcasts. however I wish there was more podcasts specifically on lease options from an investor’s stand point, sandwich lease options more so then wholesale LO’s. Can you get on the biggerPockets podcast please lol? I know that’s bold but I need more and I’m sure others too bc I feel like I’m at the point where I’ve seen almost all the YouTube videos or they’re getting very repititious to me. Is there any other podcasts out websites you can suggest to acquire more SLO related information?

    1. Corey – thanks for your comment (and sorry for the late response). I am coming out with my own lease options podcast in a few weeks. – Joe

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