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Hello and welcome! I'm here with a mentor and friend, Cris Chico.

Cris created a virtual wholesaling course when everyone said it couldn't be done virtually. He's behind some of the postcard ‘scandals' you may have heard about.

See, Cris is a copywriting genius. His postcards work! But Cris is now successfully using Facebook ads and he’s sharing his Facebook knowledge with us.

Ads should be visually catchy, use a personal approach and a unique angle. And you should use the video capability to get the most from this episode because Cris is showing his ads.

Watch and enjoy…

What’s inside:

  • Why you should consider using Facebook ads
  • What you can expect from using Facebook ads
  • How to target real estate buyers and sellers
  • There’s less competition on Facebook because the barrier to entry is high
  • Why and how Facebook has refined its algorithm to bring you results

Mentioned in this episode:

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