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Hello and welcome to a segment of our podcast that’s a coaching call series.

See, I'm enjoying diving deep into people's businesses with them on these calls. I want to help the people I'm coaching and have you learn from the session, too.   

Today’s coaching call guest is Mary Pautz from Wisconsin. She started investing in 2005, then got out of the business world to take care of family issues.

She's now working full time in a ‘real' job because she was wary of jumping back into real estate after so much time had passed.

She hopes my coaching will get her up to date on real estate trends and build up her confidence. Mary is eager to get back to the income she got used to in 2005/2006.   

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Concentrate on finding deals, even ones outside your small town
  • Mary's goal is to make $10k per month
  • Why wholesaling is the fastest route to cash flow
  • Market to Craigslist ‘For Rent/Sale by Owner' listings and expired MLS listings
  • Consider partnering with local wholesaler(s) in various markets

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Hey Joe, I’m stuck and trying to make a change in my life and career. I’ve been unemployed for a year and I ran across a friend who flip houses. They offered to show me how to get into it. And would even partner up since they have capital, I’ve been listening to your podcast and I’m very interested in any help you can offer to help me grow in being a wholesaler.

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