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Hello and welcome, investor friends, to our second edition of a coaching call episode. If you're interested in being coached, please visit my website and let me know.

So, Jake and Terrance invest locally in Spokane and virtually in Seattle – wholesale deals. They used to make offers on just about everything that came across their desk.

That wasn't leading to deals so they decided to start meeting people instead. In the first 3 weeks of doing that, they got 10 contracts.

For today's coaching call, Jake and Terrance are curious about Facebook seller leads. Is it a real thing? What about cold calling?

And, people on your buyers list may also yield leads. These buyers are already in real estate and they know people. You should always be adding to your buyers list… don't let it get stale.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Concentrating on the basics
  • Why these guys recently took John Martinez's sales training
  • Their goal is 4 to 5 deals a month in the Spokane area
  • Consider training people to bird dog for you
  • Partner with others to work their old leads

Mentioned in this episode:

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