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Okay, I'm driving to the DMV to get new tags… my absolute favorite place. Said no one ever.

So, I've been getting questions from some people who've bought my courses and from students I'm coaching. And frankly, some of the questions are things that could be answered with a Google search.

Think bigger, people.

Start looking at $500-an-hour activities. Outsource the $5-an-hour work.

If you need to ask questions, ask better ones. For instance, don't ask what market to be in. Nobody can answer that for you because there is no right answer.

Try a market, make offers… that's the only way to get the answer.

Don't overanalyze. Your speed to income is related to your speed of implementation.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • You will never have all your questions answered
  • Every deal is different, every seller, every buyer
  • Take action
  • Don't get stuck on what you don't know
  • Ask ‘What's next?' instead of ‘What if?'

Mentioned in this episode:

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