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Hello, welcome everybody to a different kind of episode… this is actually a coaching call. Of course it's being recorded and will be available on my website.

So today, you're getting a free coaching.

Brad Woodall is one of my coaching students, and he's the guest/guinea pig today. He's in the Atlanta market.

Brad started investing in 2016. He's been doing it part time until quitting his full-time job a few weeks ago. He knows discipline is going to be important. And he uses pay-per-click marketing and Facebook ads to get leads.

So this is Brad's coaching session, and he wants to learn about processes, automation and delegation. His ‘why' and his goal is to emulate yours truly… to buy an RV and do investing from the road.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Brad does wholesaling and some fix & flips
  • He's joined a Mastermind group
  • Why he has a friend who is his accountability partner
  • Brad’s planning to target code violators and tax delinquents
  • TTP (talk to people) marketing method
  • Sometimes a good assistant is the best automation

Mentioned in this episode:

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