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For today’s episode, it's everyone's favorite topic… asset protection. Don't groan. This is important.

Our guest, Scott Smith, is an attorney and real estate investor. He advises that asset protection is the best way to maximize your returns.

Statistically, real estate investors (and just about every American) will get sued at some time.

Holding real estate in your own name means someone who's suing you can find out exactly what assets you have using public records.

Attorneys can set up anonymity trusts – land trusts or agent trusts that mask ownership. People won't follow through with a suit if no money can be collected.

Make yourself judgment-proof.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Scott started investing in real estate while still in law school
  • Trusts can disguise ownership… only the name of the trust is public
  • How equity stripping sets up a private mortgage company for protection
  • How to structure a series LLC to compartmentalize assets
  • Why the series LLC arrangement works for wholesalers/dealers, too

Mentioned in this episode:

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