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Today, we're talking about flipping mortgage notes. And even wholesaling mortgage notes.

Our guests are Richard Allen and TJ Osterman. These guys attended an automation class I taught five years ago. Man I love this business.

Anyway, Rick and TJ are in the mortgage note business. It gets them out of the fix and flip work.

The size of their company, Paperstac, allows them to work with borrowers in a way that banks can't. Rick and TJ can often restructure the loan once they hold the note, which allows people to stay in their home if they want to.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • A note is an IOU from a mortgage lender
  • How the mortgage ties the note to an asset (the property)
  • Why it’s important to seek out education before jumping into this
  • Becoming the bank
  • Having a huge number of properties in the default space
  • How their Paperstac website is a total solution marketplace for mortgage notes

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. I’m getting started learning about notes and having wondering which educational programs to do and after listening to you I realized I just have to pick something start learning thank you so much for the links I will check them out

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