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So, our guest today is Ron Phillips. He's in one of my Mastermind groups. Ron's been in this business for a long time.

In the late ‘90s, he answered an ad titled “Millionaire Seeks Apprentice.” With his first deal, he made just under $20K in just under 30 days.

And since 2005, he's been helping people – who don't have time to search out deals – find properties to provide passive income. Cash flow is the primary consideration when buying.

Really interesting conversation with Ron…

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Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • If you're not confident about your sales ability, take a class
  • Don't be reliant on government programs (e.g., Section 8)
  • Why Ron buys rental houses in the suburbs
  • Why he uses property management companies
  • Why loans to buy investment properties hard to come by

Mentioned in this episode:

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