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It's a balmy 17 degrees in St. Louis. Up from -4.

I'm on my way to take pictures at a house we're going to fix & flip. The house will be worth $600,000. We're buying it for $275K and putting in $100K for rehab. Oh, I love this business.

This deal was referred to me by a friend. Referred. Wow!

Over the years, I've gotten numerous deals from sellers I've worked with before. I've gotten deals from landlords I've worked with before, from rehabbers/contractors…

So get out there and network. Go to Real Estate Investment Club meetings. Meet with Realtors. Just keep flapping your lips.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Don't ignore referral-based marketing
  • The more you flap your lips, the more people know what you do
  • Always ask buyers or sellers you're working with if they have additional properties
  • Offer to buy deals from other investors
  • Pay good money for referrals

Mentioned in this episode:

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