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Hey there and welcome to our podcast.

We have a great guest today, Michael Stansbury from Memphis. I hear about so many deals happening in Memphis. I'm surprised there's anything left in that market.

So, I met Michael recently at a marketing summit. About 35 people attended and shared what worked in this business in 2017 and what they're moving forward with.

Really interesting info from Mike here in this episode.

And also, you can check out my website where you'll find some other great info including the Fast Cash Survival Kit and the Wholesaling 101 Mindmap. The Mindmap contains marketing pieces, contracts, calculators, checklists, scripts. Very valuable stuff and it's free.

Have a listen.

What’s inside:

  • Speed to MONEY is directly proportional to speed of implementation
  • How Mike did his first flip after the 2008 crash
  • His 15-year-old son does cold calling for him
  • Cold calling is going to be Mike's go-to marketing tactic this year
  • Mike does fix and flips, wholesales and coaching
  • Going forward, he'll do very few rehabs – too time consuming
  • Track the return on your time
  • Keep personal priorities topmost in your mind
  • Coaching allows Mike to have an impact on other's lives

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. When doing cold calling…how do you handle the angry homeowner that’s upset that I called? What should I say? This is what’s holding me back about cold calling…. Is there a script on how to handle there questions (why are you calling…. How did you get my number….etc, etc, etc

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