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Once again, I am not in my car while I'm recording my episode. Is that cheating?

Anyway, I was just on the phone with some friends and we had a discussion about real estate gone bad.

For instance, buying a subject to, then selling it as a lease option. This just plain does not work. I know people who did it about 50 times and they're still digging out.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Learn specifically what not to do
  • Avoid subject to deals
  • If you do them be extremely careful with valuations
  • Be extremely careful about borrowing on these deals

Mentioned in this episode:

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  • Joe’s Coaching Program: Joe McCall Coaching

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  1. Doesn’t matter subject to or lease option. Your buddies set up bad deals.

    #1 is. Must be a deal and it must afford to pay for itself.
    #2 is. Always have reserves.
    #3 is. Look at your Cashflow to obligation method. In my world. 1 month vacancy can’t exceed 2- 3 monthd Cashflow.

    Just my opinion.

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