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So, I've been doing this podcast since 2011. You may wonder how I keep doing it without getting bored. Well, here's how…

When I talk to new people and new investors, it excites me.

And wouldn’t you know that today we have a new investor: Zach Ginn who is the son of investor Rick Ginn. Rick's been on my show before, but this is Zach's first time. After all, he's a senior in high school.

Just to be clear, his dad did not push him in to real estate. Rather, Rick waited for Zach to come to him and ask about getting started in it.

Zach plans on doing some real estate investments when he goes to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida.

This is an interesting perspective.

Have a listen.

What’s inside:

  • Zach talks about the book he wrote called Bags to Riches
  • Zach is 18 and he's been involved in real estate for a few months
  • Why putting out bandit signs was the 1st thing Zach did
  • Zach’s script he uses for callbacks
  • Why Rick went on the first few sales calls with Zach
  • Zach’s 1st sale was for cash
  • Now on his 3rd deal, a duplex only a mile from home
  • Zach's story about doing business during school hours

Mentioned in this episode:

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