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I am writing a book on wholesaling lease options. I’m actually repurposing some of my podcasts into book chapters. It's a good way to get words on the page that can then be expanded.

As you know, I love lease options. It's the easiest and fastest way to make money in this business. And no landlord headaches.

Lease options offer a way to build capital wealth and passive income without working full time and without the competition you encounter with flipping or plain wholesaling.

Listen and learn about my webinar…

What’s inside:

  • When I started, I tried all types of real estate deals  
  • I realized I needed to specialize and settled on wholesaling lease options
  • Offering a webinar on the subject
  • You'll learn how to get leads at little or no cost
  • You get more deals without needing to use hard-nosed negotiation tactics
  • Learn how to sell these deals really fast

Mentioned in this episode:

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