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Hey everybody, glad you're here. Our guest for this episode is Steve Cavanaugh. Steve's been investing in real estate for 14 years.

Steve's first job was in IT with long days and a long commute. He quickly realized that 9 to 5 wasn't for him and he began researching entrepreneurial ideas.

After coming across FlippingHomes.com, he took the training and applied it in his local market. He also met a mentor who owned a loan brokerage and a real estate brokerage and, long story short, he made $100,000 on his first deal.

Great story

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • On Steve’s 1st deal, his mail effort delivered leads after 6 months
  • Most of his deals involve rehabs
  • Make offers – persistence is the magic bullet in real estate
  • Started local real estate club immediately after he began making deals
  • Coaches local investors
  • Steve does joint ventures with students on their first 3 deals
  • Recently moved to Florida; has an excellent team still working in Maryland
  • Building confidence in students is the goal and the payoff
  • Local coach is ideal because of contacts and market knowledge

Mentioned in this episode:

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