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So I'm still in San Diego, and I just had breakfast with Todd Toback, a visionary and overall good guy. Breakfast went long, and I'm now running late for my Mastermind meeting. It's okay because I get so much from my conversations with Todd.

Todd had a course that we've updated called Lease Option Wealth, a product available on my website. He was a great coach to me early in my real estate investment career.

As I got moving in the business, I had tips to share that helped him, too. Todd's no longer coaching, just making deals. And he’s sharing some really, really good tips that you can use when you're talking to potential buyers, sellers, clients, investors and lenders.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Removing yourself from the outcome when talking to sellers/buyers
  • Positioning yourself as if it's an honor to do business with you
  • Not chasing as if you're desperate to sell
  • Why people buy from a person who has a solution to their problem(s)
  • Determining the individual's problem, offer a clear solution
  • Killer question: What needs to happen for us to do business today?

Mentioned in this episode:

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