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In this episode, I'm driving to a meeting… and I'm going to talk to you guys today about the same thing I'm talking about in the meeting.

Right now, I may not get the title exactly right, but I believe it's “Creative Marketing That Your $2 an Hour Virtual Assistant Can Do For You.”

I'm going to give you a few ideas about work that can easily be done by virtual assistants. Some are tasks you might not pursue if you had to do them yourself or pay U.S. wages – and they WILL yield leads.

I mean, if you’re making 100 soft offers a day (which you should be doing!)… you can't go wrong. You are going to land some deals. Simple as that.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Contacting For Sale By Owner listings on Craigslist
  • Checking rentals on Go Section 8, Zillow, Redfin
  • Sending yellow letters to owners
  • Searching county records for evictions, liens, judgments
  • Researching HUD houses
  • How MLSHacks.com teaches you to make email offers

Mentioned in this episode:

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